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21 January 2009


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Oh, man. Not fun! My son has just developed a new scream that is even louder than his old one. If your son screams as loud as it looks like in that picture, you have me beat by a mile! This stage passes though, right?

Kia (Good Enough Mama)

oh shit. shit. shit. shit. that first (and second) pic brings back really shitty memories. shit.


what i MEANT to say was something like this: "Doooood, it'll all be fine. He'll sleep through the night every night starting TONIGHT. Breath, meditate, drink heavily, take lots of otc drugs....."


Oh my God, have I been there.

The bright side? How dang cute is it that his paci is as big as his entire face?

Are you healing?

Dr Zibbs

Love it Looks like my boy. Years ago.


The eye twitch is the worst. I heard that Obama has a twitch after the stress of campaigning. I'd say you are right up there with him!

Miss Kate

Damn. I hope those screams are silent screams.


Oh no! I know that face and the outrageously loud, accompanying screams. :( May the next few months pass with lightning speed! At least you can drink now. That has to be a good thing. :)


Ah, the first few months. SO charming. SO relaxing. (Should I send some vodka your way?)


My son who is now 13 would scream for hours. I had to run the vacuum and he would stop crying and go to sleep. Try it! Good luck and it'll pass!

little miss mel

"a common rule of thumb is to consider a baby "colicky" if he or she cries intensely more than three days a week, for more than three hours, for more than three weeks in a month."

"The crying frequently occurs during a specific period of the day, often in the early evening."

does this sound familiar? reflux maybe? happen mostly during/after a feed?

little miss mel

my eye twitches when I don't get enough sleep......hmmm, that does apply here.


Oy vey. Poor dude (And poor you!) Hope he gets into a happy routine soon :)


Awww, look at Screamy McScreamerson. I hope he chills out soon, and that it's not colic or reflux. Hang in.

Lezel Safi

Oh friend, I'm sorry.....at least you know that it dies eventually end... But alas, then they backtalk....then you have to decide which was/is worse?!?!? I do love the pics though!


I don't want the soundtrack that comes with those first two pictures! I can only imagine you leaning closer to him to take a picture of him for your blog while he's screaming - you MUST be tired. (((Hugs)))


I can almost hear him through those photos.


Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear.

Best birth control EVER.

But, he's cute, so he has that going for him.


He is so cute, I can't stand it. So are the girls. Your poor, twitchy eye...not so much.

Hang in there! :O)


The first two pictures? Really, really frightening. Other than that, I'm sure he's a doll.


I get that eye twitch when I get stressed, too. Super annoying. I hope his definitely not colic colicy symptoms go away soon!


Longtime lurker, but I had to comment just to clarify: in the first picture, at the bottom of his little face, that's not his mouth is it? ;) Hang in there lady. He's beautiful, and you are hysterical.

a madhouse wife

Do you have The Happiest Baby on the Block? Order it off amazon right now if you don't. I'd send you mine, but I lent my only copy to another mom who was struggling and I never got it back. It saved my sanity! Get a good swaddling blanket too!

(Not to give unsolicited advice or anything! GAH! I did, didn't I? Sorry, I just feel so passionately about the gift of sleep, and I want YOU to have it!)


Wow, the picture is making my eye twitch just looking at it. He certainly looks like he has a set of lungs. Have you tried drinking heavily? That always works for me. Although I don't have any children - so that might be why it works.


Good, that top photo reminded me of one of the many reasons condoms are still seeing active duty in our house.

Although obviously vocally gifted, he is awfully cute:)


Oh No.....what happened to those first couple of weeks when he was a dream and you would have another if they were all like him??? How time has flown!! You poor thing. Hang in there. It looks like you have plenty of help, to pass him off to if you can't handle it anymore. Let me know if you need anything. He's adorable!


Poor little guy. My 8-month old was never diagnosed as colicky, just high maintenence (doctor's words, not mine) but we spent hours each night trying to calm the crying. The trick that worked best was holding her while bouncing on the exercise ball. Hope you find something that works for you.

noble pig

No! I've been through it (okay that 1st pic is awesome). It's the reason I have only two children, my last had colic. It will pass but oh gawd, it's so hard. I'm sorry.


Commenting a little late- he is gorgeous! Hope you get some sleep!

Hippo Brigade

MY GOD! I didn't know a baby's mouth could open that wide! I'm sure he takes right to the boob with a mouth like that. Well, the good thing is that he's really, really cute. God makes them that way so we don't "accidently" put them in the toaster


Not having been around babies too much, I have no frame of reference. Wait. Let me imagine him sitting next to me an airplane during a nine-hour flight. ... Oh my god! I totally get the eye twitch. He's a doll when he's sleeping though. I love the prayer pose.


I will pass, I promise. In the meantime, hang in there!


"we're "praying" for sleep.....and then bugging him when he finally dozes."

What is it about a sleeping baby? lol

Paige Jennifer

Oh so cute. And so much like birth control for a gal like me (she says as she clenches her legs tightly closed).

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