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30 November 2011


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I love your stuff....


1. I love this post.

2. I could have written that 2nd paragraph word for freaking word. I feel like day to day living and parenthood is like one big minefield of toxic choices. Gaaaaah.

3. Completely off-topic and shallow: I love your hair darker.

Also, tell C & M to slow down with the growing up.


Love the post and you have such a beautiful family.


Your family is so incredibly beautiful.


Sigh-as if every day life didn't present it's own problems now we have to worry about hormones, toxins, recycling, etc. Love the pics and those girls are too cute-hobo tooth and all.


I, too, think like you do with respect to the chemicals and the grid and whatnot, but I don't have the time or will to dig into what we should and can do within our means AND change the way we live. One of my biggest fears is that something which is completely acceptable and normal NOW will eventually be discovered as toxic and very very very very bad. That can make one CRAZY, because what do you avoid? Everything?


I love the photos!

I think if you really thought about a lot of stuff in any detail, like garbage, you would drive yourself nuts. I try to limit my OCD tendencies when they pop up, or I probably would be lying on the floor of my shower, scrubbing my skin down until it is red.


I stopped recycling because I realized I really don't care enough to sort, clean, store, schedule, drag out to curb, bring the bins back, remember the day, remember the holidays, scrub out the disgusting bins, pick up the trash when the wind blows it over. Don't. Care. Black garbage bags cover all sins.

Great post.


I can't be bothered with the fear factory generated by the TV news interpreting research. Organic? Well, it's nice if you can afford it, but the nutritional value is no better. I'm all for recycling - but they make it very easy for me here. My view is - I've gotta die of something. Might as well enjoy myself along the way.


I adore you. You said it all, with fucking STYLE. ADORE.


And also? EXACTLY. Andie M? Exactly? Whole Paycheck and Method? EXACTLY. Going all Ecotopia/ Koresh. OMG YES. But I am too fucking lazy.


What a great post! Love it.

Debbie in Memphis

Thank heavens for being LAZY! Otherwise, my family would be on that Montana backwoods compound train. I'll just take my anxiety meds, drink for "medicinal" purposes, hide in my laptop, and build perfect lives in my facebook world.


You know what? You HAVE been living sustainably. It's just a whole different, higher level of it. There are a lot of toxic people out there that are only concerned with their surfaces. But you my dear, having been tackling and purging much deeper areas. xx

PS. I love every one of those photos.

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