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03 February 2012


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Well now I'm sitting here staring at my palms and wondering what they should be telling me.


Wow. That gave me chills. And yeah, I'm looking at my hands for x's.


Umm. I have a X.


Like everyone else, I'm sitting here staring at my hands. And wishing that I lived closer so that you could take a look as well!


I stare at mine while rocking out my 3 miles to Florence & The Machine each morning--specifically "Heartlines." Wondering what they might mean but knowing it's probably best I not know.


I'm totally on board with the guys with smooth hands thing. Completely true.

I've never heard the short thumbs thing, but I'm pretty sure that'll be all I'm thinking of when I see people's thumbs from now on. Which, come to think of it, isn't all that often. Except now that I've said that, I'll start subconsciously noticing everyone's thumbs against my wil. *sigh*


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