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14 February 2012


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Danielle (elleinadspir)

Does anyone use those balls? We had one. Never touched it.

Yo Mama

I wish that Celia's version was true - how sweet and innocent. It would be a different world if we stayed as innocent as children. Too bad those lyrics are still rolling around in my brain. And, I love you today, and every day. You are my special Valentine. Happy Valentines Day, baby!!!!


Love you, Shana. XOXOXOOX


Happy Valentine's Day, beautiful. Sorry I've been absent. (Life, man.)

Big hugs to you and yours. xo


Big love from the west coast.....
Peace and strength, Shauna xoxoxo


Love the composition and colors in the photo of the exercise ball. When I get back home from Arizona in the spring, maybe I can use mine as a photo subject too...it certainly hasn't been used for much else! giggle


Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you're getting all the love you can handle today - even if it is from little girls with poor musical taste.

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