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23 May 2012


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Danielle (elleinadspir)

I really really hope they write that.


I'm already sick of this damn Oklahoma humidity..... I hope you all enjoy summer to the fullest!!!

grace in chattanooga

You are so money. One hopes that you know that now. :-) xoxoxoxo


Literally laughed out loud at the last picture. Jesus H., that is FANTASTIC.


Holy crap! I agree w/ summer that the last pic is hysterical beyond description. I also now want to some to your house for summer vacation. I'll bring beverages.


I almost snorted watermelon out of my nose with that jersey shore picture. It kinda hurt. But omg too funny.


I'm so jealous of your upcoming summer. All the time you get to just enjoy with the girls. That will definitely be a soul cleanser. Can I come live with you for the summer? I'm sure my works wouldn't mind if I called in sick for 3 months.


I think I would flunk 3rd grade math too.


Can you imagine how much more "those people" you will be if parents do get the reference and think you've let your girls watch that movie? Or have you? (I let my daughter watch Kitchen Nightmares and other Gordon Ramsey shows, so I don't have a lot of room to talk...)

(It's taking me forever to write this comment because I'm watching American Idol, and someone named Jennifer Holiday is freaking me out with her facial expressions. She is a very emotive singer...and I've never seen anyone use their choppers (she does does have choppers, not merely teeth) to sing before. Just thought you'd like to know about my pop culture moment of the day.)


That last picture caught me by surprise and I laughed so hard. You have wonderful, beautiful daughters and to be funny on top of that is an extra gift.

Your upcoming summer sounds like a real summer- the kind adults fondly recall when stuck in some cubicle, the kind where days stretch on forever.


Nice picture, and you sound good! Have you ever looked into Camp Dakani? Campfire Daycamp behind frontier city. I was the "Arts & Crap" leader for years when my kids were young. Have some fun this summer. If you want to come to a stranger's pool one day, let me know!


The life you described is so me. Not my husband sadly. Oh no, he is a farmer-up with the sun work past sunset. Not me. I am a sleep in, eat breakfast at 10, still in my pjs at noon, lounge by the pool and take a nap. Awww, summer! Today was the first day of our summer break. So much promise lies ahead. I think you should take a road trip to KS. Get on the interstate and head north, lady! Bring your kids along. While we aren't as exciting as OKC, my friend does have a pool and makes a mean margarita. She won't care if you drink at noon and then siesta.


So glad to know that there's another one of THAT couple out there. I was beginning to think we were the only one :) Here's to lazy (summers, that is)...enjoy!

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