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15 May 2012


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You are an awesome mom. Glad you had a nice Mother's Day.
I love my kids' homemade gifts to me. They are so proud of what they made and are so excited to give them to me, that I usually get them earlier than I'm supposed to. :)


Happy Mother's Day...damn on the not pregnant. I was routing for you.


What sweet Mother's Day gifts. I can't wait until Shane is old enough to make me homemade gifts. Those are the best kind <3 I especially can't wait to see what his answers are to questions like, "My mom is best at..." So funny! Love the pic with your mom. I see where you get your good looks!

Sheila, or J & E's Mom

I like the lipstick color you're wearing in your mom pic :)
I have every piece of art/creation/gift my children have ever made in the 15 and a half years I have been a Mom!!! (I just deleted what I wrote about mothers not accepting/keeping their childs gifts, I'll let you imagine) :)
Have a good day!!!

Danielle (elleinadspir)

Your girls make me smile. They are just too sweet.

grace in chattanooga



I'm sure your girls think you're just as great as you think your mom is. You can tell by the sidewalk art. Love the picture with your mom...

I save the holiday art, but the everyday stuff often gets recycled...unless it was specifically made for me. However, my little menace often likes what she made me so much that she takes it back to keep for herself.

Sorry there was no miracle...


Sweet Jebus, I can NOT wait for my first macaroni necklace. I just hope whichever twin makes the necklace, the other will have the good sense to make the matching bracelet and earrings. And I kid you not...I. WILL. WEAR. THEM. ALL. DAY!!

Happy to hear you had a nice Mother's Day!!

abercrombie fitch madrid

Me acaba de eliminar lo que escribí acerca de las madres que no aceptan / mantenimiento de sus dones childs, voy a dejar que te imaginas) :) Estoy seguro de que a las niñas pensar que eres tan grande como usted piensa que su mamá es.

Yo Mama

I still have the pot you made me in elementary school - mothers that thoughtlessly throw away the handmade gifts have changed their children's creativity into something unimportant. How many artists and writers are squashed by a parent's disregard. Makes me furious. Your little angels, however, will always have that chance to be who they were meant to become - creative masters of their universe.
You have always amazed me - that I should have a child that is so bright, funny, brave, and beautiful. No mother could ask for more. You always make me proud - and I think the make-up thing might be genetic. Red lipstick can be found on both sides of the pool. LOVE YOU!!


I have a bookmark that my now 23 year old made for me when he was still writing some letters/numbers backwards. It is on my dresser where I see it EVERY day! Love it. I am glad that you had a good Mommy's Day!

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How sad that some mother's just throw their children's hard work away! I guess everyone can't be as amazing as us ;)
Happy belated Mother's Day. All of your children are lucky to have you as their mother.


You rock, in all ways Momma and woman. That is all. ;)

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