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26 September 2012


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I read your site because you are real. I have no idea how I found you though. I cut my hair AND got bangs when I was pregnant with Seth, not a good choice. I am now growing it all back out.
I'm sorry you are made to feel as if you don't work. My husband is so supportive of me staying home. Of course, he wants me to be working on my Masters while at home so when I do go back I can make the big bucks. Haha, big bucks in education? I don't want to be the superintendent.
I hope you are doing well. Kudos on the weight loss!

Debby Pucci

So much going on in this post. I get called to jury duty every year. You have two sweet girls you are raising and you need to be home for them. I think after what you have been through work would just be way to hard. ((HUGS)) I imagine taking care of your family each day takes all your strength. I love many of Katy Perry songs. I didn't realize Claire Danes did that:( Bad girl!! I did love My So Called Life. Your bangs look really cute.


I noticed Claire Danes's "holla!" only because she said it last year when she won something for Temple Grandin. And that time, just as Claire said it, the camera happened to be on Halle Berry who managed not to burst out laughing although her face did twitch mightily. When she said it this year, I was still shaking my head sadly at her when she referred to whoever that guy is as, "my baby daddy." That girl is just all kinds of derp.

A recent search term for my blog was "half wits talk much but say little." I'm trying not to take it personally.


Awesome video!! Sounds like you are on a roll...keep it up girl! :)


What? Expand on the Claire Danes stuff, because I was apparently sleeping during that! Also, I have no patience for award shows, but anyone who is older than, what? 25?, and saying "Holla" is just plain ridiculous.

I am not a fan of bangs, but I do appreciate the British calling them fringe. That sounds so much more flattering than bangs. But in that small slice, they appear to look good - full face shot needed, though.

the slackmistress

You can maintain bangs. I swear this to you. I am the laziest person on the planet when it comes to vanity, and I can maintain bangs. I BELIEVE IN YOU.


Bangs make me look like I'm 12. A gawky, oddly overgrown 12 year old with bills. So unless it's done as a drunken dare to "change my style and try something new!", I avoid them. Headbands are a no-no, too. Very much not good. I love your's, so don't give up on them. :) Your site validates my thinking that a little sarcastic humor and wit is necessary to function- and damnit, you're a kick ass lady and I think that if we ran into each other in a Wal Mart check out line somewhere, we'd snarkily laugh and point at the "People of Wal Mart" that we'd spot. ;)


Most change is slow if it's really true change. Congrats on losing lbs and cutting your bangs and trying! You deserve to feel better about yourself, my friend.


See, I want, nay, NEED, bangs. I have this huge forehead that I feel needs covering. my problem, I have thin hair and the bangs always part leaving me with inches of nothing. I wish I could have your bangs.
Also, why am I drawing a blank about Claire Daines stealing some woman's man while said woman was pregnant?!?!
Congrats on the weight loss.


I miss you when you don't post anything for DAYS! I too am trying to lose weight, so keep up the good work so maybe others like me will be inspired by your success. Lordy, but it is hard!

I love your bangs. You have a beautiful face, and the bangs frame it perfectly!


Well I'll join you in the looney bin, I guess, because I also have a fascination with Wide Awake. But my true shame is California Gurlz. Does it make me less lame that I only like the version that has Snoop's rap in it? Probably not.
I like your bangs. I hate Oklahoma's weather. What else?... Oh! Good job on the 13 lbs! Please tell me that you've discovered a secret magical diet that will allow me to keep sucking down cocktails in the evening and still lose weight. Please.


Nice work on the 13 pounds!


Good job on the weight and the bangs!


I have listened to Wide Awake on my entire commute (40 minutes) on repeat so many times this summer. Something about that song I just love!!!

Gorilla Bananas

Do you really have gorillabuns?


I don't like Claire Danes for the same reason. I think it was Mary Louise Parker's man. I also stopped liking Woody Allen for the same reason and don't get me started on Angelina Jolie.


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