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22 October 2012


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Not pathetic...just a human...and a mother.


Are you not supposed to steal children to fill out your family photos? There should be some sort of book for this kind of etiquette. You should write one...


Is he confused or scared? I think he just saw a mouse and is looking for a chair to jump on!


Wow....same thing I thought when I saw the photo...he would be about that size. I keep adding my friends' kids to our family...just seems right.


HAHAHA! That's hilarious. Thanks for letting us laugh at you, Rich. :) I want to go in a corn maze! We have nothing like that here.


Your girls are SO beautiful, your husband is fucking hilarious, and you are not one bit pathetic. Xxxxx


I didn't even notice Rich - I was too busy gawking at Miss Celia and how GORGEOUS she is. Seriously, that child is knockout beautiful!

And so, so happy you guys are still able to make each other laugh until you pee! =)

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Maybe you have never really understand my existence.


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