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16 October 2012


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Tricia (irishsamom)

Oh mama, how I wish you could have him back. With all my heart I wish it. That he could be back amongst you, where he belongs. Hugs. It's all I have to offer. xoxoxox

Stephanie Bice

This post made me laugh (dropped trou) and then made me silent. I don't know how it feels to lose a child, but I pray for you and Thalon (even if Rich doesn't believe in a God of sorts, I know you do). And I LOVE the picture of the girls walking on the tracks into the fog. xoxo


~659 invites!? Are they inviting the whole town?
~Spur of the moment trips are sometimes even better than the planned ones.
~I hope you find many other quiet places that let you feel your sweet boy's presence.


hey,nice to hear your voice.


This gave me chills. I am sure he was there with you! You sound more and more like me, taking off on some crazy adventure or hike. YEAHHH! PS. I need to watch that documentary.


Your broken heart makes my heart ache. You are doing AMAZEBALLS for a mama who lost her baby. Don't forget it. Only a mother could understand how crippled you are by the pain. One day your girls are going to have babies and call you up and cry with you, mother to mother. Anyway, this is off topic, but I just want to tell you that you are my hero.


I hope you find more places where you feel Thalon with you so keenly. He's always there, but sometimes there's just too much else going on, right?

Over 600 invitations? I don't think I've known that many people in my whole life. I hope they're paying you by the letter...

Kids are rotten. And they think no one ever works - except them, at school. Good thing they're cute.


this is by FAR one of my fav posts of yours. And I've been around a long time.
Cheers, lady.


I love this post...the entire thing!


I love this post! What a great trip! Don't forget that Thalon is with you, always.


I'm crying. I love/hate you.


<3 Y'all deserve moments like those. Glad you were able to find them. <3


Beautiful Shana, just beautiful.


Gorgeous pictures. Sounds like a seriously incredible trip, on multiple levels. Thinking of you, friend.


I'm so glad you felt him. I hope he's ever more present in the future.
Seriously, over 659 invites. The hell? We'll be needing deets on this whole event as I'm sure it will be ridiculous.

Debby Pucci

Had to laugh at Moira's question. Sounds like a very nice impromptu adventure. Glad your phone survived it's adventure too. So happy that you felt Thalon's presence. ((HUGS)) The pictures are cute and I'm happy to see you in them. I recently did a post on that!


OH, Moira! The teenagers in this house feel the same way about me. I don't work outside of the house so that must mean I am to wait on them and serve them. I'm pretty sure they think I sit around all day doing nothing. Sigh....
Your handwriting is beautiful. I hope you are being paid well for the time it takes to address all of those envelopes. Ugh! I can't imagine.
I'm so glad you had a great trip. Take care!


THIS -> A whisper of breeze glancing through the trees <- I love THIS! Bless your heart! I am sure he was there w/ you. I cannot imagine what you go through on a daily basis. You are stronger than I.

We've been thinking about leaving the big ol' city for a drive out there - these pics really make me want to now.


I've heard some beautiful things about Talihina, but that you could feel Thalon there with you = most beautiful thing ever. Big hugs.


I know.... I don't feel my son is with me very often, but every once in a while I am blessed with a moment, a feeling, a whisper on a breeze, and I know, he's still here.


Love this, Shana.

Betsey Hurtado-Lemay

Great picture of the girls on the train tracks!


Lovely post. Especially love the photo of your husband and the girls, with a view of the trail through the woods, as if everyone is waiting for a little someone to catch up to the group...I'm glad you felt him with you there, and wish you more moments like that on your journey through this life.


I, too, love that you were able to feel a flutter of Thalon again in the solace and strength of the trees. Like your own enchanted forest. I hope it somehow brought you a tiny bit of peace, even if it was only for a moment or two.


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