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16 November 2012


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Green bean casserole is a favorite with people at our table. I think I will change it up with your recipe this year. Thanks!!!


Turkey is easy. Butter all over the outside. (I cut thin slices off a stick of butter). Stuffing...or not. Toss it in the oven for several hours covered. Use a meat thermometer. 20 minutes a pound or something. Uncover for the last half hour, while you throw all the other stuff in the oven. Tell people a time for dinner. Serve it half an hour or more later.

We had a turkey breast a couple weeks ago. It was OK. Everyone else seemed to like it. We're having steak for Thanksgiving.


I love fluff! It is a childhood favorite, although we made it with just the jello mix, not the pudding. But its yummy :-)


I don't cook at all, but I do a mean "order a gourmet meal"..... : )

I totally want to come to your house for dinner. Thanksgiving doesn't work, cause I'm Canadian so my boss might not be ok with skipping work for food!

They both sound delicious!!!


I've hosted a couple of times over the years but this will be the first year in two that we are staying in Seattle for the holiday AND hosting it at our new house. My family all brings something to the table but I'll be doing the turkey, stuffing, and potatoes. It's Darcy's favorite holiday (the food) so hopefully I won't screw it up.


Turkey? It's easy...just remember to take out the little plastic bag with the neck and giblets before you stick it i the over :)


We usually host Thanksgiving and last year was a blow-out- we had SO much delicious food: tamale stuffing, shrimp n grits stuffing, corn souffle, oodles of everything. This year, we are at my brother's and he has nixed tamale stuffing (hard to get good tamales in NC, I guess). Do yourself a favor and add this-SO GOOD. http://elzabelz.blogspot.com/2010/11/best-thanksgiving-recipe-tamale.html


Whole turkeys scare me. I'm brave enough to do turkey breast only... I'm def trying your green bean casserole. Looks delish!


I made the fluff and I LOVED it. So, so good. My bf is type 2 diabetic so I made it with sugar free pudding, jello and coolwhip and left out the marshmallows. It was still fabulous.
Thanks for sharing the recipe!


I am 35 years old and have never had to cook a turkey.... score! Always went to other people's houses on Turkey Day (thus no Turkey cooking!) and since I got married my hubby is the official Turkey cooker! I am in charge of veggies (mashed potatoes-no prob- I am Irish....peel carrots and boil...open cans of veggies...easy peasy!) and deserts of course-piece of cake! Hubby and I have very different ideas on apps though... his family, scallops wrapped in bacon and stuffed mushrooms. I grew up withpickle and olive trays, cheese,pepperoni and crackers, cream cheese stuffed celery (never done the green olives though..interesting!), bowls of mixed nuts (with the nutcrackers of course!) and banana and date nut bread.
The orange fluff looks pretty delicious by the way! (and the green bean casserole...wish I could get Hubs to try something new!) Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family :)


Sorta embarrassed to ask for the recipe for the stuffed celery. I can screw up a three ingredient recipe. What is the olive to cream cheese ratio?


We go with family traditional meal and it doesn't change much-things are usually added not subtracted. We do the cream cheese and olive celery FOR SURE. Also, if you like that another super easy yummy appetizer-get danish ham (slices), spread with thin layer of cream cheese, add dill pickle spear, roll up, and cut into bite sized pieces. It is so good! Happy Thanksgiving.


We have to have green bean casserole. HAVE TO.

This year I'm cooking everything but the turkey and green bean casserole. I wanted to have new recipes, so I'm doing mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potatoes and corn. Oh and homemade rolls.

And then I get to transport it all to my mom's. Because I'm an idiot! But it will be good!


THE BEST RECIPES ARE WT RECIPES. I think a better name for it is comfort food. Thanks for the orange fluff recipe - been looking for one as it was my husbands fave growing up. I do the standbye pistachio pudding/pineapple bits/ marshmallow/Whip cream etc standard.
We are brining this year for the first time . . . .


The version of the green bean casserole looks really good. That wasn't something we ever had when I was growing up, but I made the standard cream of mushroom soup and canned onions version a couple of years ago just to see what the fuss was about and I wasn't too thrilled with it. Your recipe might get me to try it again.

Jones sabo must have been satisfied

Magnificent goods from you, man. I have understand your stuff previous to and you're just too wonderful.

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