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07 November 2012


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With you. But it has to be a 'real' woman - not one of these academia types with prune faces and their panties in a wad. Don't see any of those on the horizon anywhere . . lol


I'm with you!


I would kind of love for Hillary to run because Bill as the First Man? HELLS YEAH!


This is the BEST political post I have read...!!


I think women ARE changing this world thanks to all of them that went out and voted in this election. I am biased because I wholeheartedly voted for one candidate but I can't help but feel good that so many people let their vote count, whatever way they voted. It was such a close race! And now the work continues of trying to bring together a very divided country. I have no idea how we'll do it but we'll all have to participate for any true change to occur. For me, the best part was marriage equality passing in the states it was up for a vote. That makes me feel like we are on the road to change, for the better.


The little old Asian men have NO SPACE BOUNDARIES! Every dam time man. Seriously.


Love this post:) I agree with you!


Has it really been 4 years that I started reading your blog? Because Kristie linked your blog to hers, (the then, Not Quite What I Had Planned.)
I skipped the bump, grind, personal space invasion by requesting a mail in ballot and then walking it to the polling place and tossing it in the box- that probably has yet to be counted.

Happy Post-Election Wednesday!


That is exactly why I am on the permanent mail-in ballot. I mean, I live in a teeny, tiny town and I still don't want to have to deal with people.
I'm with you in that I wasn't sold on either person really. I kind of took the easy way out, but we won't get in to that here. I'm just glad it's all over and hopefully now we can work as one nation to get to a better place. Doubtful, but people still wish for world peace, so...


Amen sister! I should've written your name in. :)


My 7 year old daughter said "Mom, I'm glad the President won, but next we for sure need a WOMEN president. Women are just smarter." Sometimes I think I get this parenting thing right :).


None of this shit is working.


LOL I so saw the little asian guy from 2 Broke Girls in my mind as I was reading this ... please tell me you watch that and you're laughing your ass off right now haha

Betsey Hurtado-Lemay

It is definitely time for a woman President...organize and run efficiently for sure!!!


Well played, not smacking down the poor bastard like I would have! I too, am burned out on our political ”options”.


I say form a committee of six moms managing households on a tight budget and we will have this country's financial crisis solved in no time.

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