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04 December 2012


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I've said this before and I'll say it again (well, same sentiment, different words): Do it. Kick Camron's ass. He needs to learn to keep his putz-y mouth shut and stop ruining Christmas for his classmates. Also, that photo of Rich is cool. And: I can think of nothing more original or witty to say. I love ya, G'buns.

Do I win a prize for being the first commenter?


Both Darcy and I are afraid of heights so I think we'll never have lights strung on our roof.

I'm sorry about the ornament. :(


Anyone who is called "camron" needs to believe in Santa cause he clearly crapped out in the parent dept


Did you think it's as shitty as I do that we had to put up Christmas decorations while it was (is) nearly 80 degrees outside? Geez.
Toolbelts are so hot.
Those elves are weird, but I laugh when they're put in dirty positions with that stupid smile on their faces.
Remember what Ellen Griswold said: "I don't know what to say except...it's Christmas...and...we're all in misery." XO


Aw, am I the only one who thinks Camron is providing a valuable service? I was seven when one of my classmates said, "eh, I don't believe in Santa," and that seemed like as good a time as any for me to give it up too.

In other news, I read Lara's comment as saying, "Kirk Cameron's ass," and was momentarily confused as to why we were talking about that idiot's butt.

I'm sorry about Thalon's ornament.


You should have put that broken ornament in a shadowbox, hung it up on the wall, and the next time someone asked what was wrong with you, you could have just pointed to that, sighed dramatically, and said "I'm broken."

But congrats on getting all the festive stuff done like you're motivated or something. It must be the year for it, as we have our tree up and I even put lights on our front porch for a change...


Your tree is beautiful. Your husband is brave to go on the roof. I just jammed some LED covered twigs out in front of the house and called it a day.

If I lived nearby I would scoop up the broken bits of Thalon's ornament and try to make something out of them for you. Email me if you still have them.


I'm sorry about the ornament. That shit sucks.

But I have to know, what's with the Santa the Elf is sitting on? Because holeeeee shit his face looks real.


Don't kick Cameron's ass, kick his parent's asses! I am sorry, but if your kid finds out the truth about Santa, it is your parental duty to explain to your child that some children STILL believe and not to say anything to them to ruin it! Dumbasses!


Camron is a little &*^*#. My oldest had a Camron named Olvin last year- what a little *&^%, I wanted to kick his a--. Thankfully that kid was enough of a problem that Em dismissed him. Little crap weasel kids.

Sorry about the ornament. There is no way of fixing it or the incredible loss it represents.

Val in Ohioooooooooo!

Not for nothin', but your hubby looks like a real FIRE AND BRIMSTONE preacher up there on the roof!! If you're thinking of starting up the Gorilla Buns Church of Independent/Crazy A$$ thinking, I'd be the first to sign up!!
Love your blog and your REAL-ASS view of life!! Happy EVERYTHING to you and yours!!
Much love from Ohioooooooo!!


I hope Buddy has already partied with the Monster High Clan! The girls will love that. :) Sorry about the ornament. It does seem strangely symbolic! Love you guys... I will be thinking of you on the 22nd! xoxo


Camron. Wow. We were staying at my MIL's when I walked in to hear her tell my (8ish? 9ish? y/o) daughter that Santa wasn't real. It was all I could do not to kick her in the head, because her head was like six inches from my foot. Instead, when my daughter immediately asked me what Grandma meant, I was able to tell her not to worry, that when you get as old as Grandma, believing in happy things like Santa becomes a struggle, but just because her sad, old Grandma didn't believe something didn't mean it wasn't true. Sad, old, VAIN, alcoholic Grandma stormed out of the room and started screaming, but whatever... that was going to happen anyway (we barricade ourselves in the guest room practically every night we stay there at some point, then it's Groundhog Day all over again the next morning, like nothing ever happened) so it's just as well that I was able to get it going with a swift, figurative kick to her ego after that BS.

Sigh. I actually really like my MIL, but we have our moments.

I am so very sorry about Thalon's ornament. That's the kind of thing that would've pushed me right back over the edge, so that you're even blogging and telling us about it means you made a truly amazing recovery. It must have felt like you're heart was falling and breaking - again. :/

If you start up the Gorillabuns Church of Independent Crazy A$$ Thinking, it may be the first church in OK that doesn't preach pure BS. I may travel to OKC for that... lol.

Church or otherwise, keep preachin' it, Lady!

sandy n

Some people (ME) actually enjoy offensive writing and swearing (because i have a sense of humor!) so dont change a thing!!

thanks..a random reader who you dont even know..this is my first comment to you...I have been meaning to tell you, i LOVE your picture of the girls with the mustache (spelling?) sticks! you win!

Merry Christmas (see? in this world even saying merry chirstmas could offend someone!) F-ers!! (at work - cant swear)

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