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01 January 2013


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Love you.


Those gloves are awesome! Glad your girls are feeling better. I hope you get rid of the plague soon!


We can work on our anger issues together, Mine are with my craptastic in-laws who treat my husband like dirt. My f-i-l is a total douche and the s-i-ls are even worse. I miss my m-i-l the only decent one in the bunch whom they all treated like crap too. Anger issues, yep I got 'em.
Happy New Year, dear! May 2013 be a fabulous year for all of you!


Resolutions? What are those?

Happy 2013 - I hope it's fantastic!

Jen B

Happy 2013 to your and your family. I LOVE those gloves :)


Word. Resolutions are ridiculous at best. Thought of you all on the 22nd. Hugs and a Happy New Year!


OMG those gloves are the BEST! Glad some good times were had - the plague infected our house this year. too. Ugh. We also thought of Thalon on 12/22 - the day after our guy's 12/21 birthday.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2013!


That fish looks like a platy - if it's a female, it gets pregnant once (perhaps before your purchase) and can have babies over and over again. So, you may have many fish before long.


Voice of Experience


I've been thinking of you all this month. Best wishes for the new year.

Also, what is that thing the elf is dancing under?-creepy

Best. Gloves. Ever.


I can't decide which is more awesome.....the pair of gloves or the elf partying with a hoochie! My elf needs to get out more, apparently.


I'm happy for you guys that you have great friends. That is truly awesome. Happy New Year!

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Maybe you have never really understand my existence.

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