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04 January 2013


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Um, yes to everything! I'm a halfway decent (totally non-professional) copy editor, so I'd be happy to help with grammar and punctuation. :)


Also, Wordpress annoys me sometimes, but people seem to like its functionality.


Love the way it looks. I say bring everything over but bring in categories so you, and readers, can compartmentalize.

And you NEED to read a book - there can never be too many of those out there PLUS I don't think there are many who could address the situation with your candor and ascerbic wit (Plus you have that whole running subplot of crazy dysfunctional Dad which explains/adds alot to the mix - people need to see others in their trueness - not just those that have worked anything out.)

My caution would be - can you do it and leave the reader with at least a modicum of hope? I think that's important . . .and you seem to be "better" whatever that means - and sharing that could be life saving for another grieving Mom.


I use the free version of WordPress and it kind of sucks. They've made a ton of changes in the past year that make it a lot less usable, seemingly to force people to purchase the paid upgrades. Unless Typepad is really heinous and you want to dump it, you might find it less frustrating to redesign this site than to migrate to a different platform.


Was the Delaware sign a shout out to me?? I would love to think so, so, I will! I love you and what you write, will stay with you here, follow you there. Just stay true to you , you don't have to change for anybody, your quite divine the way you are.


While I think you'd write excellent smut, I like this idea of starting fresh for you. You DO have a story to tell and for no other reason than for YOURSELF to put it in a place that is new, that is just for you, is reason enough. Write that memoir, friend. People will read when you're true to your own heart. Follow that.


I've only ever been on Wordpress and I love it. Way better than the other platforms, in my opinion. It's better to go on the self-hosted side, though.

I will follow you wherever you write. I think YOU need to do what you want. We love you, so we will support you in whatever you choose!


I've had a great experience with wordpress the last 4 years. I like the idea of a fresh start {says the woman who hasn't updated her site in 3 years} and I vote to keep the header image, for it is made of awesome.


I'm going to keep reading no matter what but I like the idea of a fresh canvas for you - who knows what might end up on it!? I know nothing about Wordpress so no help there -


I've had some experience with the paid Wordpress and liked it, but moving things sucks! LOL. I watched my husband fight with that for a couple of weeks.

I think you should totally write it. Literally write your heart out, if you will. Out would be good for you, regardless. I would write it then decide if I still wanted to share it.. I am also a non-professional proofreader, and would be happy to help. I do think that while there are a lot of books dealing with the death of one's child, but I agree that you have a unique voice, and your family's experience would mean a lot to an audience most books just don't necessarily speak to, you know? :-)

I like the idea of your being able to break up what you have into sections. I think for sure keep it all.

You could always add a new section of Smut!! to the blog... ;-)


I agree with Kristabella. You write what you want! Except fluff. I hate fluff. And honestly, I think I am so drawn to you because you and I are a lot alike, which means I don't even think you would be capable of fluff. ;)

And you DO have a story to tell. For yourself and for others who find themselves in that horrible place as well. It's important for people who are grieving to be supported by others who can identify. While most of us can be compassionate and feel sympathy, only those who have lost a child can relate. A mother who has just lost her child may come across your blog and think, ok.....she's alive, and coping, and mothering her children, and managing to laugh and make others laugh.....maybe I can too. You have an amazing strength. Please keep sharing when you feel led.

I love the new format. I also love the new bangs and indent I've told you that yet! I also love your makeup artist. That picture is priceless. :)


I'll read no matter where you decide to write. I think the new site looks great. May you have an easy transition over to wordpress.


Maybe you could do both!!! One for catharsis and the other for money!!! Something tells me you'd do good "smut" :)

I'll keep reading, Shana.



I think the autobiographical book would be a marvelous idea. You wouldn't even have to turn it into a narrative form - set it up like a journal and you could basically use your posts as you originally wrote them (with necessary editing/polishing for publication, dunno what they require for that). At the very least, I imagine that it would be cathartic for you.

And I agree with the previous commenter that the story would need hope, but frankly I glean a lot of hope from the way you write about your love for all three of your children and how you delight in the way they've grown and blossomed. And if nothing else, the story's still not done, right? A lot will happen between now and when you finish compiling the book.

I remember some while back you mentioned speaking with another woman who had lost a child many years ago and how you appreciated her advice and understanding, even just that it would always suck and that it happened to her, too. Words of affirmation. I think your writing does that for other parents, and publishing would widen that audience to other people who would benefit. Your raw writing style is wonderful because it doesn't sugarcoat anything and frankly, the stuff you've gone through, what the hell of it could even be sugarcoated? Sugarcoating denies what it is and how it felt. What you write is a testimony to what you've been through.

So my unauthorized advice from a long-time reader is to go for it. What you have and who you are is valuable.

Ashley Hast

I have nothing worthwhile or life-changing to say, as usual. What's new? I've thought about picking up blogging again myself, but haven't done more than that. Yet. I like you, your snarkiness, and I'm appreciative of your use of those slur words (I've got a problem with that one, myself). I *think* I was going somewhere with that statement, but my ADD kicked in and I forgot what I'd planned to say. I love you, and I'll follow you wherever you go - blogging or otherwise, with a small bottle of whiskey tucked in my bosom....just in case.


Write a book. I'll proof it for you. Totes serious. And then I will pay cash money for a copy and refer the hell out of it.*

*just please don't judge my grammatical skills by this comment, please please.


Write TWO books-one smutty, the other your experience. And even if you don't publish I find putting words on paper allows you to say things you might not normally say out loud. And the paper does not care or judge! By the way I think "Bitch Please" should be your catch phrase.....I'll buy the t-shirt.


Smut sells....so if vodka payments is the goal, then get all smutty, and hell yeah, I'll proof-read. My "real life" job is QA for a big ole company, so I think I could help ya. lol The fact that you're thinking of doing the new site, and playing with the idea of sharing more of your life and heart and all the moments you've lived through is....awesome. I know its not why you're thinking of doing it, but you are awesome. Just thought you should know this, girl. :)


I will read whatever you choose to write:)


I'll read ya anywhere.... I love real stuff and you are real w/o any of that fluffy shit <3


I am delurking to comment. I have followed your blog for a few years now, and your story about your son has been a touchstone for me in terms of helping me understand the grief of a parent's loss. Your perspective is invaluable to me. As a side note, I always come back to check your site because I am rooting for you to find happiness and meaning among the absolute tragedy that you experienced. I am always happy to see you still here, still kicking, and still making me laugh and cry. If you write a book, I will read it.

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