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17 January 2013


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Well come sit by me and we'll have a drink and watch Hoarders together. Which makes for better TV? A house full of boxes of dolls or one with the mountain of used diapers blocking the doorway to the bathroom? Discuss while eating brownies. I'll be sitting here with a Blue Moon pretending the Flaming Hot Cheeto bag beside me is empty but my orange fingers will expose the lie.

The nap part is okay, too. Do what you need to do.

I've been absolutely shitting about updating my blog. You always keep yours up. Amazing writer. You are.


The times when I think about wanting to be married and have kids, I think about how I will no longer be able to have days where I can sit around in my PJs all day and eat all my meals out of the jar of peanut butter.

But then again, I would have had someone to drive me to the ER with my finger. :)


Me too, sister. I haven't slept for shit this entire week. I've got so much baggage under my eyes they wouldn't let me carry it onto a plane. I hate everyone including myself. Who the hell would want to read that blog post? So instead I just commented here. You're welcome? Also, sorry. xo


A nap sounds really good right about now.


I keep trying to comment on your shiny blog but Wordpress keeps rejecting me. If I were Wordpress I would reject me, too. Anyway, the running joke around here is the number of glasses I break per week. It's not really a joke so much as it's a fact. Have no idea how my mother still has mugs from our trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming IN 1985. I hate when I am feeling tired of...everything...and feeling tired...and life just feels so heavy and flat and dull...it's not even depression sometimes, it's just that life feels like "Groundhog Day", only there's no Bill Murray (good thing) and Andie McDowell is 20 years older (sad thing).

I loved Hoarders until Scott looked at me LIKE A FREAKING GAME SHOW HOST (he has the hair) and said, "You're just one crisis away from becoming one of them!"

So much for mindless tv.

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I know that you are better for your girls even if you are not better. I am happy that you seem better. All wil be better. You will rejoice in your girls and make them good women. You will never forget, but it doesn't have to ruin your girls' life. I lost my #3, but I love the first two beyond belief. I am way older than you, and my experience is long ago, but I
I would still love to meet you, Bev in Edmond.


Excellent post. I certainly appreciate this site. Thanks!

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