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08 February 2013


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Love the engagement picture. Is Rich holding a shovel?


I transferred out of my 1st Catholic high school, due to a particularly bitchy nun who I like to call Sister Maggot. About 12+ years ago, I volunteered to do a career fair at the school (because any day out of the lab is a good day), and I was hoping to run into her. She was trying to claim my "success" (such as it is - I have a good job, but I don't compare to the graduates from my other high school) as being a product of their school. I pretty much laughed in her face. It was delightful. Why does Catholic school make one so petty? According to a thing I saw on FB, it's because after being threatened with Hell for so many minor infractions, everything else seems insignificant. :)

Where am I going to get my extra Candy Crush lives if you're not playing????


Fish are weird. SO weird. We got a snail for our first fish tank, and one morning my son was ecstatic, yelling, "MOM! Gary had BABIES!" I thought he was mistaken, and then I realized we had hundreds of tiny snails all over the tank. And then I did some research and found out that snails are hermaphrodites and can impregnate themselves. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.
PS--love the picture!


I heard almost the exact same thing about the H.S. Family pulled their kids out. No ONE ever asked why.

As you know, I pulled my kid from Catholic Schools when the teacher said she WAS NOT going to write nice things in the BoyChild's planner (because she was writing all the bad shit every day and his counselor said it might help him if she wrote something GOOD about him too) because she praised the children all the time. I am not a violent person, but I don't think I ever wanted to punch someone in the face so much as I did at that parent-teacher meeting.


You are such a crack-up! You always make me smile. BTW, I think you look exactly like Carni Wilson. She is beautiful, and so are you.


I would say that the catholic school your daughters attended is a lot like the schools I used to have to deal with in our sports league. They have the idea that they are better than everyone else. The principal probably has no idea what is going on inside the classrooms of the school. I'm so glad you chose to send your girls to a different school. Sounds like it is better for all of you.
Way to go on winning trivia night. I have a great brain for remembering useless trivia. The stuff I should remember, not so much!
I think you have a happy birthday coming up pretty soon. Do you have big party plans?

the slackmistress

You are looking super-gorgeous these days.


Add me to the list of those who think you are looking extra pretty these days!

And let the cannibal whore eat her babies. I speak from experience. After accidentally buying live-bearing fish, I ended up with lots of babies. :) I carefully segregated them as you've done yours. And then there were more and more and more. And then what?! I can't have ten aquariums in my house. So I put more plants inn the tank and let nature take its course with future babies. A few will survive by hiding. And the rest, well.....won't. But you won't have a hundred pet fish.

Also? Love the engagement picture. Hilarious!


Yeah, we had the same situation with our Mickey Mouse Platy. I was looking in the fish tank one day and I swear I saw a baby, but thought I was seeing things because no one else could spot it. And as each day would go by, a new baby would show up. I wasn't as nice as you though...I didn't seperate them. Amazingly enough, about 8 survived to the point that they were too big to be eaten, only to die within their first year of life due to my mad aquarium keeping skills. I was at the pet store the other day and I over heard the employee tell a customer that they only sell male fish. Took all my willpower not to laugh and shout "Don't bet on it".


Your engagement photo is fifty shades of awesome.


The amount of time that I have spent on Candy Crush Saga is super embarrassing. However, I have recently graduated to Ruzzle. And that engagement photo=awesome.

Sarah Piazza

I've read one post of yours, and I'm already a little in love with you. ;)

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