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01 February 2013


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That is seriously one the of funniest things I have heard in a very long time. You must immediately take that picture and get it laminated so that when she is going to her senior prom or brings a boy home from college you can bring it out and explain the "birds and the bees" reindeer style to them. Oh my! This is why you blog. So you never forget this stuff with your kids, feelings, details, emphasis on what was important at that moment. Oh my! That is priceless!


Hahahahahahahaha!!! It's a non-stop laugh riot at your house, isn't it? I hope that picture is permanently posted on the refrigerator!


Oh my God I am laughing so hard.

I do appreciate the graphic explaining the difference between 20 year old boobs and 40 year old boobs.
Sex Ed at school never discusses this.


And that right there is why she is my favorite! AWESOME!


Hilarious!!!!! We've been talking nonstop about vaginas and how the baby comes out around here, but there has been no mention about how the baby got in there in the first place. I'll have them call you when they start asking! ;)


Shit! I'm waayy to sober to READ this conversation... lol.
That talk is right around the corner.

At least yours doesn't involve the phrase "so this old Belgium man who stank of French aftershave helped us make you guys in a petri dish..."

Your girls make me laugh.
YOU, momma, make me laugh.


You skipped the part about first you get married...that's where I always started :)

But the reindeer...you had me on that one :)


Well that solves how I'm going to tackle this subject with my daughter. She can read so I'll just show her this post! Thanks for that! Lol

Debby Pucci

This is so funny! I think you did a pretty good job and answering the questions.


Ack. Miles keeps asking how God got his parts and got them in me to be born? And my teenagers snicker and say, "Yeah mom....how?" Oy vey. I am telling Miles you will scan and email him a schematic of how things work.


The great thing about having an IVF baby is that you can explain where she came from without ever uttering the s word. "When a man and a woman love each other very much, they go see a very expensive doctor..."


OMG, you just made me laugh out loud at work...I mean, they know I'm cracked, but now they have more proof. lol I'm so glad i have a dog- he doesn't care how babies get made, or where they come from. He's not allowed to date until he's 10, anyway. ;) Have a great day, girl- you've given me the mental image of reproducing reindeers now. (yes, my mind works in weird, odd, and sometimes fully disturbing ways)


Well, all things considered, that went very well! I semi-dreaded the question "So that's how babies get OUT of your vagina but how do they get in there?" Got it last fall from my 11-year old. I gave a true yet not highly detailed response and was met with a long silent look that either said ' no shit lady' or HOLY CRAP you've got to be kidding me. I'm still not sure which...


This is cracking me up.


Hehe. This is a good one. I have told two children..years ago. With the help of a cartoon book. Oh, Lord..where did I put that book. I have an innocent 10 year old son, that doesn't know a thing..and hasn't asked. He will probably remain a virgin until 30...or 40. The 6 year old...damn he may teach the 10 year old. Must go find that book!


That is sooo funny...and you truly are a gifted artist. You'll have to check this Julia Sweeney (former cast member of SNL) explaining sex to her 8 year old daughter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ry-LwxR746s

pretty funny too!


oh. my. god. so funny.... I needed that laugh today. Giggling @ my desk. Someone walks in, seems me laughing, no one else here, turns around and walks out.

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