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28 May 2013


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I remember your dilemma over whether or not to move the girls. So glad it turned out so well. And yay for teachers who care! Enjoy your summer with them.


That is fantastic! I'm so glad the move worked out for Celia - It's a tough age and I think it can make or break a girl. You don't want her entering that pre-teen stage thinking she's incapable. I hope next year's teacher is just as good - or if not, Celia's new-found confidence can handle whatever comes next.

Your girls are beautiful...

We have no real plans for summer, except that my daughter wants to learn cursive. She's not all that great at printing, but she really wants to be able to read cursive, so she might as well learn how to write it at the same time. It will probably help her learn some shortcuts on her printing. Other than that, graduation parties in Chicago, Six Flags, and maybe some other kind of trip - that's our nebulous agenda.

grace from Chattanooga

Thank God she had such a wonderful year! I am no fan of private schools, having gone to a couple myself lo these many years ago. Don't feel bad as a mom, though. As you always, always do, you were trying to do the best you could for your daughters AND you were willing to try another route when needed, which most parents are too dumb to do. So congratulate yourself on making the change to public and enjoy your happy daughter!! You are a seriously good mom, okay! Okay.

(And thank you from one of the much-maligned public school teachers! I am one of these special needs teachers, with high schoolers, in a Title 1 school no less, which averages 2 white kids per grade. How much respect to I get from the public and the legislature? I'll let you guess...)


I am so glad that Celia is doing better at the public school. I know I have told you before, but my nephews experienced a similar situation at a Catholic school here in Kansas. His teacher wanted him to go back to 1st grade at Thanksgiving time! He is now at the public school, just finished 6th grade and is doing awesome!
Our plans for the summer include helping with harvest, swimming, taking care of my baby girl and toddler boy and because I am going back to work in the fall (boo!) going to workshops and picking up 3 more graduate hours so I can move over on the pay scale.


So glad your daughter is doing well in school. And as a public school teacher, THANK YOU for defending us! It is refreshing to read about the *good* things that we do :)


It's wonderful she is doing so great!! She is awesome and I'm glad she had a teacher that knew that too. I wish Celia all the best in the coming year. Moira too! Enjoy your downtime this summer.

As far as the other school, WHAT IN THE HELL?!?! I can't believe they thought your daughter was the problem. Idiots.

We are going camping in a couple of weeks to Zion National Park. We love that place. I'm sure trips to the beach are going to happen too. Also, lots & lots of doing nothing and enjoying it.


We had crappy old school which was public then transfered to another school 2 years ago also public but CoCo caught up as well, minus the fact that she grew into a teenager (it's soooooooooooooo much funnnnnnnnn) as for summer plans twins have school until end of July(once they stop screaming and get over the flu) so far big kids have another month of school before summer lets out, my plans include camping camping and more camping. Teenager's plans include complaing that there is no electricty while camping to go online/ power up her devices (we have an inverter battery which will charge it and K's pumps)

Kate K

My heartis so happy as I read this. Go, Celia!


One word....Awesome!!!


I am so thrilled to read about the great year your daughter had at school. I remember your post last year when you were trying to decided if you should change schools. It makes me so happy to read how much happier Celia is now. There is nothing better than this!


Did Celia wear the same dress on purpose? Heehee something I would've done as a kid.


The difference between those two pictures is amazing. I wish I would have thought to take an end of school year picture every year! So glad your eldest is doing better, that is wonderful news.


I love this post. Go C!!!

Pam Brown

Best post EVER! Yay for teachers and yay for awesome girls and their moms.


Wow this brought happy tears to my eyes! Thank you for posting this!!! Schooling really just comes down to having that one awesome teacher that connects with your child, it can make all the difference for the rest of their life. I truly believe that worked for me and hope the same for Celia!


Are ya'll okay over there? Watching your weather makes me cringe and pray for your safety. Hope all is well. Thinking of you guys (not meant to be a freaky stalker kind of way, just a long time reader that cares) And YAY for public school! I think a good teacher is worth a million bucks, no matter what school they teach at.


I am so happy for her and for you that this year was her year. :)


Hi I am so glad your lovely daughter is happier at school. Some teachers can be real douches a good one changes your life. I hope Celia and Moria get many good teachers from now on. xx


I know it's hard not to beat yourself up about the decisions made regarding the girls schooling. i have a very similar story with my oldest child - except when i moved her to public and she was behind - the teacher just wanted to classify her as ADD (like she had numerous other children in the class) and have a room full of drugged up zombie children. I'm super happy things ended up better for Celia. There are so many what ifs in parentlng...i'm glad your decision to move your girls to public school won't be one of them for you when you look back on the decision.


We've emailed about this. My anxiety-ridden child improved this year too in public school. I think just knowing that there was more to choose from, in the friend way and learning styles. The problem with the private school situation is that you have just one or two teachers per grade and it's their way or the fail way...if your kid can't mold into the cyborg way, then you're screwed. That being said, my daughter did pretty well in private and in public.

The math...yeah, we've also talked about the math, or lack thereof in 3rd grade.

Yay for her!

Taylor Paine

So glad I found your blog! Your post made my day! :)

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