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21 May 2013


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So thankful you and your family are safe. Praying for those who are not.


So sorry that you had this happen in your area - that you had friends who had to worry about the safety of their families. (Glad you all made it through OK.)


I am relieved that you and your family are OK. Thank you for sharing legitimate ways to give. Your community is in my thoughts. (I believe in Karma too.)


Very glad to hear you and your family are okay!


Thank God you guys are safe. My heart breaks for all those families who are not as lucky right now. Love and prayers with you guys.

Deborah Pucci

You know first hand the pain of living through the May 3,1999 storm. ((HUGS)) On top of that you know the pain of loss. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone. I do plan to make a $100. donation to Red Cross.


praying for everyone! so glad your safe. sending love and prayers from NJ


Never met you but feel like I know you through your blog. So thankful you are okay. Is there anything you guys need?


Very happy to hear you are safe, so sorry to hear that it was so close and you and your friends and neighbors have been so affected. I have been praying for all, and hoping there are still survivors to be found!


This is such a terrible time for our state. My neighborhood was hit on Sunday, but at the last minute, the thing rose up. The damages done is just trees, but we are so lucky not to have had a full on hit. I have given to the Food Bank and to Infant Crisis. Hug your children, mine live in Norman and I haven't seen them this week. I ache for the babies my children used to be. Thank god,they got the death totals wrong.


I watched the news in horror. My husband grew up in Norman & I lived in Wichita Falls growing up. I hate tornado season with a passion. So damn scary. I'm glad y'all were spared and my heart breaks for those in Moore. We've donated to some folks he knows from high school and the Red Cross, but it seems so insignificant. I'm hoping that the resilience and strength of Oklahomans lead the survivors through their rebuilding efforts (both physical and emotional).


I immediately thought of you and your girls when I saw the news. I'm so glad your family is OK. My prayers are with OK.

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