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11 June 2013


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I always love your family photos. Somehow they manage to be current and nostalgic all at the same time. And that last one with the watermelon! That needs to be framed and hung in your house.


They are neato! Just like Mom. :)

This is the first week mine are out of school... I'm curious to see how it goes!


I think about deleting my blog about once a week. Or starting over in a new space. Would people still call me Sizzle if I changed my on line identity? They call me that in real life now, just not on line. It's funny how a thing you create kind of creates you in the long run.

You need a chunk of time where you are alone. Even just an hour away from everyone. I think I'd lose my mind if I didn't have that (and I don't have kids or a husband that works from home). I need alone time like I need water.


Love the pictures. Your girls aren't just neato....they are gorgeous, just like their mom :)


You are so gorgeous! Why are the screaming at a watermelon?

I HEAR YOU ON NEEDING SOME SPACE. Right now I am trying to write a comment on your blog and my 8 year old is needing something CONSTANTLY, usually something she can do herself.

I've decided that getting annoyed at her constant need has nothing to do with my love for her. It's OK to say you need a break. You still get to say "I need a break" without feeling guilty about it.

Don't delete your blog. You are blazingly honest. I dig it.


That last picture of you gals with the watermelon made me laugh out loud. And I'm currently wearing a football mouth guard to bleach my teeth. Awkward. You are all so pretty!

I think you should tour the USA this summer and have a drink with all your blog followers. Meet me in Iowa for a margarita!


You and your girls are all so beautiful!

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