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27 June 2013


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It is my contention that at every meal, someone has to end up wearing the food. It used to be my mother. In our house, it's usually me. I don't even have the huge boob excuse. So, you're merely taking one for the team. Enjoy those days when it's someone else's turn. It would be nice to know in advance, so you could break out your white t-shirt collection.

We are without TV and it's sort of making me sad. But I'm unwilling to pay for that nonsense, so I guess I'll just watch videos online some more. :)

sue aka suzel's sass

And there goes another 100 days of my life obsessing over this damn show. . Lifeguard dude...get a freaking' haircut! I've turned into my mother.



I'm Blanche!!


Food and my breasts go hand in hand :)

Val in Ohioooooooooo!

If you DO go all incognito, can I join ya? Remember, if it weren't for my sorry a$$ed addiction to Words w/ Friends, we wouldn't know SHAT!?!
MUCH love from Ohiooooooooooo!!


LOL - what do you think about the latest BB crew? I am thinking "much too young" . . and realized . .that is probably going to be my refrain forever and ever at my age. It also gives me pause when I hear a commotion in my neighborhood and my first thought is to peek out the curtain and make some frowning comment to my husband. . .. and find myself screaming at myself "STOP IT YOU ARE TURNING INTO GLADYS CRAVITZ".

Sad to think that you have to hide from your own blog. Hope you will still post deeply sometimes. Really have learned alot from you over the years. Think of you all of the time

Someday - I want to be the one meeting you when you take the family on the road to Cali!!!!

The internet is SUCH a wonderful place. Many years ago, when under the throes of Beanie Baby madness, I actually went to VEGAS to meet an ENTIRE group of people I met on Ebay's Beanie Baby Chat room. It was such fun, so outre for me, and so worth it. (This was the one time my husband thought I was going to disappear forever but I give him credit for "letting" me go, lol) One gal, from Washington has become one of my dearest friends and we have met quite a few times when her family could vacation here. And Friday, I had the honor of taking her teenage daughter, who is visiting the area with friends, out to a congratulatory lunch to celebrate her High School Graduation.

All because of the internet - and trust . .so congrats to you both for having the courage to meet! May it be the beginning of a lifelong friendship!!


Being found out by people in my town scares the sh*t out of me. Of course, I don't write frequently as is, so my fear is unwarranted. However, I have contemplated creating a completely anonymous, reroute IP address blog so that I could truly vomit out the deep dark crevices of my mind. Of course, all of that takes motivation and time, both of which I seem to be lacking at this time.
I still have not gotten in to BB. I tried a few episodes last year, but could only watch when the husband wasn't around.


Darling, if you have the feeds, now get on a good Big Brother blog with an active commenting community (I like BB Dish). Chat under a pseudonym there. You'll feel better!


I agree with Becki. I hope it's the beginning of a lifelong friendship. I had a great time. Next time we're just having drinks and apps. I hate that you paid for food we didn't eat because we couldn't shut up!!
I hope you're enjoying your Texas trip!

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