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22 August 2013


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You're a good mom. Also, I hope you bought them new lunchboxes. Furthermore, why are kids clothes so much cuter than grownup clothes? I want both of their outfits.


Well, they look fantastic! I hope this is a great school year for them both.

And I can't believe that giant root came out of that tiny head.


I hear you on the school front. I want to mamma bear/helicopter/tiger mom it for my kids especially my third grader. He gets so worked about other kids I worry that the social side of things will take over the academic side of things and he is really good at the academic side of things. NOT that I want him to fail socially but honestly he is fixated on one friend and if that boy does not pay him all his attention, he gets upset. "He hates me, he has another best friend, we are not friends any more..." I think he is very social and he has plenty of friends and he just cannot see it. And he does and I am not just blind to it all - I really do see this happening - everywhere we go in town kids stop him and say hi and are genuine in doing it so he is clearly liked by plenty of kids out there! And that tooth? OMG. I have no words for it. I just keep staring at it trying to figure it out!?


I am soooooo with you. Sigh. Can't we just keep them home where they are safe from others? But still have someone else come entertain and teach them all day?

In my next life I need to be very wealthy. Heh.

I hope your big girl and my little one meet kick ass friends this year. Or even just one kick ass best friend.

the slackmistress

This all seems completely reasonable to me. Also, I will kick the ass of anyone who gives them trouble. I can totally take on an 8-year old bully.


You know, a friend of mine, her girl had girl friend problems. Like, girls were always mean,mean, mean. But somewhere in junior high, she came into her own and she has a couple really good friends and is comfortable with herself.

I can only imagine bits and pieces of watching a girl - your girl - go through the angst of girlhood. Mine was very even keel and friends with lots. It was easy for her and while part of me was glad glad glad, another part of me recognized that she would never know the other side. I mean, she wasn't cheerleader popular and by high school, she had some haters, but her early years were easy.

I would say to you, keep her moving forward this year. I don't know if your school district is 6-8th junior high, but I know I'm looking forward to my now-5th grade boy having more opportunities next year. Keep teaching her to smile and to laugh. And that she is AWESOME.


For what it's worth, I think that 5th grade year is full of the most upheaval, for some reason. There are a lot of puberty issues then, girls waiting for "the big day" and dreading it, or looking forward to it, and their bodies doing all kinds of weird-ass things to them. They're conflicted and don't know if they're "grown up" or "little." My daughter is now in 7th grade and life is SO much better, though now it's with more teenage attitude. Hang in there, mama.

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