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13 August 2013


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The funny thing about the working out part is everyone else is too busy thinking the same things about themselves to worry about what anyone else looks like. And even if you don't feel the high, at least you can feel good knowing you are doing something that's good for you and earning some chocolate or beer(whatever it is you fancy)in the process! Good for you!


Haha, I love this post. The one time I tried hummus..it sucked. I'm going to give yours a try!


Have you heard the sad tale that is The Civil Wars though? I still love their music. MMM Noosa SO good! Hang in there with working out. Try to find the teeny tiny little things in working out that might help you to feel good before/during/after. I guess the biggest thing for me if I am not "feeling it" is to do it anyway because after I am done I feel like I accomplished something and better yet I told my negative 'I do not want to do this/I hate it' self to take a flying leap! Any who, rootin' for you!

Victoria Adams

you funny.


Parking tickets for all the terrible parkers!

My boss was eating that yogurt yesterday and going on about how delicious it is. I should try it.


I freaking love you! This post is why I'm glad we know each other!! Haha!! I hate the gym, too. But I hate myself, more ... soooooo... I joined a gym. blah
I love your curly q's!


I just started down this path myself and it is suck city, man. I feel for us both. The early 40s are super tough on the self-esteem -- our family vacation photos were a total wake-up call. In my own mind, I look nothing like I do in those hideous pictures. So grateful you posted about this, makes me feel a little less alone in the pursuit of happiness. One day at a time, right?


Gosh, we're twinsies.


I've never commented before and been reading your blog for a while. I admire you. I think you're really something amazing. You've had a terrible loss and you're dealing with it as best that you know how. It isn't fair but you're handling it however you can. You're real about life and believe it or not, that's one of the most important things you can do for your two gorgeous girls. They don't need the glossed over television example of life, or the airbrushed perfection magazine example of life, or the example of the perfect women with perfect thighs who have their own shitload of problems that we don't see. I believe in letting kids have magic, but they need to know reality, too. I don't want my daughter growing up to think some bullshit prince charming is going to sweep her off her feet and she'll be blissfully happy because of him, his money and belongings. Or her perfect hair or body or perfect clothes will make her happy. I want her to be happy as herself. I struggle with this daily, trying to figure out how to teach her this. A sense of self. A sense of how life is really going to be as you get older. A sense that if you don't find yourself, then embrace who you are and maybe change what you don't like, that life won't be worth living. Without destroying her innocence and happiness and magic. It's hard, damn hard. And you do it with much more grace than you think. I fumble continuously.

Also, you don't look stupid going to the gym, trust me on that. Everyone else is there to do the same thing you are, and they recognize how difficult it is. If anything, they're probably mentally cheering you on and rooting for you to meet whatever goals you have set. I encourage you to stick with it. I'm not a gym person either, but I've started walking a mile a day four times a week. I've been doing it since May. I walk as fast as possible, and I've gotten faster and faster. You wouldn't believe how much better it makes me feel mentally and physically. Next up is transitioning to running, but I haven't been brave enough to tackle that yet. Maybe I should be, since I see all the other bravery here from you ladies.

Sorry for hijacking your comments. I'm not trying to be one of those rah-rah feel-good types. (Not that there's anything wrong with that!) Just wanted to matter-of-factly let you know that a perfect stranger is rootin' for ya. And you seriously, seriously, need to cut yourself some slack. Look in the mirror and realize how pretty damn amazing that you are. And believe it when people tell you the same thing.

P.S. Your calligraphy is stunning.

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