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05 August 2013


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I love that show.


I second everything you just said. My fam is addicted to this show and I just sit there with my jaw on the floor at the thought of being naked ANYWHERE but my bedroom :)


Just when I think TV can not sink lower, you have to go and prove me wrong...


The goggles guy, the angry guy and the sunburned guy...oh my! Puma didn't prove to be such a bad ass. The women were fantastic.

I'm trying to figure out what my one item would be.... I'm addicted, too.


I love this show but I can never remember the name of it so I refer to it as Naked Survivor. So far, sunburned guy is my favorite, or least favorite, however you want to look at it. The best part was when he stood on the beach in his palm frond mini-cape while his female partner ran across razor blade sharp coral whacking at an evil fish/eel with her machete. At least by the end he admitted she was a stronger player.


I have only seen the commercials. If I was naked, people would definitely be afraid.

Danielle [Left of Lost]

I just don't get the thought process of doing this stuff naked! I mean, I don't look good to MYSELF naked.....I've got to watch this show, if only to feel better about my own body image.

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