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03 September 2013


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Just know you are thought about by so many, including me....from CT.


You know, this is a stressful time for her otherwise, and maybe she's projecting it all onto Thalon because she knows you'll understand that. Or maybe it makes her feel more comfortable to have something concrete to be sad about, because all the ephemeral school stuff is just overwhelming, but there's not one thing in particular there to focus on. In other words, maybe it's just a momentary thing, that will pass as she gets used to school again. There's my completely uneducated psychological evaluation. :)

Either way, I think you're doing a fine job of handling it, even when it's overwhelming for you too. And I'm glad that Thalon's final resting place is complete.


Just wow. I think there might be some subconscious transference going on. Besides the natural goth trend every young lady takes, she probably IS sad/confused/angry about something she may not even know or understand but is instead using her brother as a safe way to express it. All very emotionally healthy, actually, but I can imagine the suckitude in your house. I used to cry about one thing when I was upset about something else. House full of girls- it was horrid and typical. You're doing it right and thank god it is fall and not spring. Hugs and high fives.

Stephanie Moore

Grief is for a lifetime. It sucks, literally, your strength, your soul, your life...but you have strength you don't even know you have and so does she...she doesn't understand it but she keeps on pushing. That is how I know you're doing it right because she's learned by example. She's not giving up even when she wants to and neither are you. Thank you for keeping it real. Cause life is not a fairy tale. There are wonderful things and happiness to experience but there is also some really hard shit to get your mind warped around.

Stephanie Moore

I meant "get your mind wrapped around" but I suppose warped fits just as well....;)


I really believe he touches her face and watches over. Why is it so hard on earth? I feel so sad to read this and feel your hurt. Know that there are so many of us who care about your family.


I am sorry she has to deal with shitty relatives that would say something so damn cruel to a child. Fuck them.

I wish it were different. That's all I've got. I'm sorry.

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