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27 November 2006


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It looks like you had a good time! :o)

Suzanne Schmidt

Shana, love the pictures! My babysitter is supposed to be calling me to give me dates of availability. Let's do dinner soon. We could even bring the children if the whole babysitter thing does not work out...

ms. sizzle

great pics! looks like a lot of fun- and swing dancing? totally good time!

Jess R

Aw, great photos! I particularly love that last one; our family has one just like it, starring my little brother, sister, and assorted cousins in PJs, gathered 'round the TV on their tummies like petals around the center of a flower.

guinness girl

I love the last picture - especially the footie pajamas! Once again, I have the urge to send you a case of vodka. But, let's face it - I would drink it before making it to the post office.


dianne: believe it or not, we did have a good holiday.

suzanne: BRING IT ON! i can't wait for adult conversation and time. hopefully, the babysitter situation will work out.

sizzle: swing dancing is the best. especially when someone almost crashes through a window.

jess: i thought i was being a little cheezy putting the last pic in but, then i'm totally cheez whiz. i thought is was cute, sweet and innocent.

guiness: when my supply of vodka runs out, i just might wire you money for your stash. damn, those people that won't let you bring in kids into a liquor store...


Impressive pies, lady!

Also, please share your secret for packing alcohol underneath the dinner rolls. It'll come in handy for a baby shower I have to endure in a couple of weeks.


My Google Reader suggested I read you and I am glad I did. I started reading backwards, and I have to say you are beautiful. I read a newer post where you are worried about how you look. I don't think you are obese (but I know from my own experiences that pictures can lie). Just wnated to say that the photo of you with your family is adorable and your face photo just shows what a lvoely person you are.

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