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16 January 2007


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I'm ready for the ice to hurry on out of here, aren't you?

guinness girl

HA -actually "LOL"ed at how quickly your rations disappeared. Heh. I'm glad you survived the storm - please tell me it's over by now!


You're so adorable. And it was so nice to meet you.

Also, send vodka. Now.

ms. sizzle

i've seen the ice storm (the movie) so i think i get it. i promise not to complain about a snow day today. i keep thinking, where in the hell did i move to!? at least it's not as bad as the weather you guys are having.

send a S.O.S. if you need a carepackage sent. ;)


lizgwhiz: so ready!!! and more snow this weekend? WHAT THE HELL!

guinness: it looks like once again, i'll be out hunting for rations. especially since, i'll braving this one without my husband.

susan: i'll send a courier service, stat!

sizzle: it's okay to complain about the snow because i have a funny feeling, i'll be complaining about snow and ice for at least another month!


I love your blogger encounter. Are things getting "back to normal" in the wake of the storm? (Whatever normal is!)

And I think I know how the pioneers handled being frozen and bored: once in awhile, one of them would go crazy and hack up their families with an axe. (Now there's a pleasant thought!)


Hee hee! Love the blogger encounter story. If I saw another blogger I would be so tempted to do the same thing... but I probably wouldn't have the guts. All I can say is 'you go girl!'

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