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24 January 2008


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thanks for interviewing me- great questions. i had fun!

also, you're the bestest! i adore you!


Great questions, although you got off easy. Who wouldn't want to interview Sizzle? Now, I'm waiting to hear how you answer YOUR questions. I'm hoping they are very personal.


I love these sorts of interviews. Very funny, very personal and very insightful.

Good job.


This was a FANTASTIC interview GBuns! The questions- fabulous and very direct (I'd expect nothing less from you, of course!) and Sizzle- I loved that you were so candid. Great job you guys.


I read this on the Sizzle Blog but I just wanted to stop by and say, nice job.

Filtering Life

I am learned now. I have always found Sizzle fascinating and hilarious, but this was really really good and interesting. I am saddened ( I am Sizz) that you have only had one "O". Oh my word, I will sell my breastmilk to pay for therapy if it will bring you into the world of regular orgasms. Sending you mad sexual vibes your way.

little miss mel

what a great get-to-know ya more post!!!


i'm so gonna take filtering life up on that deal. send the breast milk, stat!



yay on this. Great questions. I am a Sizzle lurker. Perhaps I should start commenting, eh? Great job!!


That was outstanding. The best interview yet. Sizzle is one amazing chica.

That reminds me... I need to check out my interviewee's site and draft some questions...


Great interview!!!


So far, you're winning the award for asking the questions we want asked. We care less about when a person started blogging, then their sex life! And thanks, Sizzle, for being so open... as usual.

Not Fainthearted

Awesome interview!!


But I want to know if there was a BABY in the car seat!?!

*evil, I know*

mrs mogul

Wow interesting now i know more about you!

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