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17 June 2008


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King Isepik

What if we meet all the criteria except the genius kids thing? Would that be OK? I'm not saying they are geniuses, but they're too smart for their own good. :)

Check out my blog or, preferably, the Queen's blog at sunny-daze.blogspot.com. She's my wife and she posts a lot more often about the kidlets than I do. Really...

BTW, you still haven't responded to your tagging. You need to do that. It would be amusing, I think. :)


Oh dear. I don't have children, but I can guarandamntee you that if I did, I would totally hate them on occasion.


Um. I did just that at Sweetney's site today ;)


Yeah I was gonna say you should read Angella's guest post.

And you know what? You're that woman! You're the blogger who bring realness to the masses. You just did. :)


um, hi? have you met me?


I do not have a child, but, I will tell you that my cat isn't really all the way potty trained. So, there's that.

noble pig

HA! I hate my life, my kids, my destiny...no kidding...except right now..cause my kids haven't stopped fighting since 45 minutes after summer break started and I'VE HAD IT!


Any mom that tells you that their kids never gets on their nerves is lying. I call them circus days...i.e. days you want to sell them to the circus! You always love them yes, but some days you wonder if you actually like them. That was yesterday for us. It was a regular old whine fest! Being an almost five year old girl is apparently a tough life, or it is in her mind anyway! ;)


I agree with Sizzle!! :)

When Paige starts crapping on the floor like Makenna did a year ago... you better believe that will make the front page of my blog.

Sue @ My Party of 6

Oh yes! I am one! I have one with anger management issues, one who never stops doing cartwheels and can't focus for a single.second, one who never.shuts.up and is devious as all get out, and the one who craps on the floor and runs away from me in public places. And I'm drinking a beer (sorry! I know you can't indulge right now) because I spent the day with them. Sigh.

a madhouse wife

Oh, you should have said something! I had no idea people wanted to read that kind of stuff.

But dude, I'm WAY to embarrassed to actually post what my kids are up to, even though only about five people read my blog. I'm afraid someone will say, "You should probably have him/her evaluated."

And even though that's true, it would probably hurt my feelings some.


I've written some of those. Then, when I write about how good my kids are people tell me to STFU. I can't win.

But I'm a sucky mom. I know this. My kids aren't perfect, they just ARE.

Write it. I'll read it.

little miss mel

Have you been to my site lately? People are beginning to ask me if I am depressed.
Guess complaining makes for dismal material.

We need to chat online. Oh the shit I could complain about!


Does it count if I told my kid, just yesterday, that I felt like I was in "a freaking jail cell, because I'm trapped by my bloody life and there's no way out?" In those words exactly...


I have made a For Sale sign from kids school picture and emailed it to everyone asking someone please take him.
Nothing about my life is perfect. And I wouldn't have it any other way:)
Keep writing the way you do - that's why I swing by.




Well, I don't have kids, but I have totally resented my dog the last two mornings for getting me up early. Just because he didn't want to spew his thunderstorm-induced diarrhea INSIDE the house. Can't you hold it, Pudge?


Perhaps you should start reading your own blog. You are always real- which I love! Believe me, you are not alone.

I don't think I'm full of fluff and I always try to keep things real on my blog. But like Mel said, it doesn't exactly make for exciting reading material when everything is horrible.


anythingsaid.blogspot.com - she has a hilarious post today about her kid. she's pretty real about her experience as a mom.

You rock. I know what you mean, though.


Don't have kids just yet but I do feel that I am pretty good at not being gushy happy all of the time. I crashed my car by sneezing yesterday for God's sake.

Just wait till I do have kids.

Lezel Safi

Amen sister! oh shit, I hope you weren't talking about me! Because yesterday I was ready for my boys to play in heavy traffic!!!!


May I invite you over to my blog to read about the hormonal hell my 13 year-old daughter is putting me through, my 16-year old daughter with a brand new shiny driver's license, and my 5 1/2 year-old baboon? You know those people who write about their perfect kids and their perfect lives? They are lying. My blog is called I Miss My Sanity. And I really do miss it. It's back in 1992.


ooo...you'd love me if I had a blog!
A SMALL sampling of this weeks mad cap adventures include 5 year old pooping on the floor (too busy to bother with the bathroom and btw...I have to wipe his ass too), sticking his hand THROUGH the window screen to receive a package from UPS (which resulted in prompt removal of window crank...), standing on hall table eating cookies out of my bag at 8:00 and a general/ongoing refusal to listen to even smallest requests (say...putting on underwear and shorts before going outside). Currently...said child is in his room (willingly) banging on something and although I should probably go in there to see what he is destroying, I am relishing the 2 minutes to myself.
So yes...we are out there...we just a little busy trying to save our sanity to write about it. ;)
Good Luck!


OMG. Marry me.

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