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12 June 2008


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Okay, so I am almost 30 and have been blessed with adult acne. I use Origins Products and they really work really well for me - the beauty of it! is you can get them all at Target.

So, here is what I use:

Mint Face Wash
Oil Refiner Tonic
A Perfect World White Tea Skin Guardian (I probably don't need this, but I enjoy the smell of it)
Modern Friction (shrinks your pores! yay!)
And, lastly Matte Scientist Oil Controlling Lotion


I love Philosophy products. Check out the Purity facewash... they have other products that are great for breakouts too, albeit a tad expensive.

Also, the research component of the masters is what almost did me in as well.

Miss Kate

My man gets pustules on his back. He has extremely sensitive skin and I used a sample of Boscia Willow Bark Breakout Treatment on him and Mt Vesuvius had turned into the Kansas plains by the AM. My sister uses it to - 37 with acne and sensitive skin. She swears by it, says it's THE BEST and she's tried everything.


I have been using some of the Neutrogena products they sell over the counter, the Acne Face Wash... it's cheap and good.

a madhouse wife

what, no picture?

i'm no help. i've got serious eye puffiness and bags and wrinkles. i look like a sun-bathing chain smoker who hasn't slept more than four hours in a row in five days. at the ripe ol' age of 31.

King Isepik

GB, you have been TAGGED! Please come on over to my blog to see what it's about. :)


I never knew if eye cream was all a ruse or actually helpful. I guess you are testament to the fact that it does work! ;)

I recently heard about Mario Badescu's drying cream so I went on line and got a free sample. Did you hear me?! FREE SAMPLE. I blogged about it last week.

Go here: http://www.mariobadescu.com/productDetail.asp?ProductID=150



I hate to be a killjoy here but NOTHING helped my skin when I was pregnant except for getting the baby out. I tried everything, too. Damn hormones!

Ash Unabashed

You should try the Murad Sensitive Skin Acne treatment program. You can order it at sephora.com and it works like a charm.



I'll help you with your acne, if you'll help me with the dark circles under my eyes. I went into Sephora the other day and said, "see these, I want them to be less prominent." They showed me two products, both of which seemed to make the dark circles MORE noticable not less then told me I needed an eye cream and took me to a woman at the back who promptly pawned me off to another woman at the back who shrugged when I said I didn't want to spend $100 for an eye cream that had snake venom in it but she didn't know what else to offer me. Bitch!

Deal? Good.

I've been using:

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Blemish Cleanser to wash my face. I use it morning and night. I'm not very good at washing my face at night because I'm tired and don't feel like it, but I've been trying lately.

I use Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Intensive Night Cream at night.

And during the day, I use Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Blemish Treatment.

I use Neutrogena Radiance Boost Eye Cream on my eyes day and night. I can't really tell that it's helping, but I keep trying.

All-in-all, it works pretty good at keeping the hormone induced acne at bay though they still occasionally creep up.

I also have on my list to try when I find it, and it's on sale and I feel like spending the bucks:

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion, Night

Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Stress Control 3-in-1 hydrating acne treatment

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Visibly Even

I've not found a local place that carries a huge line of Neutrogena so some I buy at Target, some at CVS and some at Walgreens. And don't tell me the Wal-Mart at Bell Isle has a big selection because I absolutely refuse to go to Wal-Mart ever again.

I'm in recovery from my addiction to expensive make up, like Lancome and Chanel and Estee Lauder. Now, I buy makeup at Walgreens because they let you return it if it doesn't work, but I still can't figure out what to do about my dark under eye circles.


I have no advice, but I NEED IT.

*Bookmarking this post*


Not to be a buzzkill, but I think these comments go to show that you might have to experiment a bit on your own to see what works for you. Why do I say that? Because I have tried Murad, Philosphy, Bliss, Perricone, Proactiv, Neutrogena, MD Skincare, Differin, Retin-A, Clindagel and oral antibiotics. And none of them worked for me alone.

How would you like to be dressed in your couture wedding gown with this device pressed up against your face moments before you leave the hotel to pledge your undying love:


Yep - that was me. Turns out, what worked for me was a combination of Cetaphil cleanser (but NOT the face lotion), Neutrogena Oil Control Lotion and then I use Retin-A and Clindagel (both prescriptions) on alternating nights. But others have found the stuff that didn't work for me fine for them -so go figure. And I say "worked" for me -but I still rarely leave the house with no cover-up. (I have heard wonderful things about the Mario Badescu line and I'll likely try that some day when I'm not on the brink of unemployment.

Supposedly that Zeno device works on the hormonal type zit - I found it didn't do much for me but it might be worth a shot. Hell, you can even try mine if you want - I'm not using it anymore!

I will say - to the woman that needs to get rid of dark underye circles - try this stuff:


It's $33 but it lasts forever! And works. I also use their other eye cream - hope in a tube - on top of it.


I have had troubled skin all my life until the Accutane and THESE products:

Oil of Olay for Sensitive Skin face wash
Neutrogena Oil Free moisturizer for sensitive skin (or Cetaphil lotion)
but the most important element for me is this wonderful, wonderful product which has had my zit free on my face and chest (eew) since I started using it and if I stop they come back - http://shop.paulaschoice.com/product/two-percent-beta-hydroxy-acid-liquid/bha-aha-exfoliants
(a little bit goes a LONG way and it lasts forever)

Paula's Choice 2% BHA liquid. I love it. It rocks. My best friend has had adult onset acne and it has cleared her face up, stat. It's a great exfoliant, keeps ya clean and helps ya glow. Plus, I think make-up and lotion go on better after using it because your face is so soft.

noble pig

I have been using oil of olay since I was 16 and have really avoided lots of wrinkles so far! For acne, I have no idea!


"Youthful mute" = heh.

I'm a cetaphil user myself, so, alas, I can't help. Although I have a friend who swears by Proactiv. Something tells me that's not organic and healthy, though.


I get the chin breakouts, and they're totally under control, but it's because I use prescription stuff. Clindamyacin in the morning, a Retinoid gel at night.
Benefit makes a lightweight gel/liquid that I used for a long time for breakouts called Boo-boo zap (there is a day & a night version) that worked really well for me.

As for the eye circles/puffiness, I used to SWEAR by St. Ives cucumber and Elastin gel, but the discontinued it- sad. My friends all swear by Benefit Eyecon, but I don't really have circles so I don't use it- I just get puffy.

Hippo Brigade

Ha! How funny. I just wrote about acne on my blog today. It sucks. I guess as we get older our skin just starts to suck more and more. BOO! I'm glad I'm not alone in this journey of zits and wrinkles.

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