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15 July 2008


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little miss mel

Ah, man. Right in the kisser.

Goodwill comes to your curb? sweet. All we've got is Am Vets.


Hahahahahaha! I think I would have sat on her! LOL


I'm sure she will fetch a high price at the Goodwill store.


those little buggers and their inability to have a filter on their thoughts...


I thought you were going to say... "I put her in the fish muumuu."




I hope that you grounded her until adulthood.

a madhouse wife

My boy has been talking a lot lately about my "big fat bear butt." Or maybe he's saying "big fat beer butt." At any rate, I never thought about putting him on the curb, but thanks for the idea! ;)

noble pig

Ha! Oh I'm laughing so hard, the fat is shaking.


Out of the mouths of babes....

Paige Jennifer

And that was just an innocent inquiry. Just wait until she's in her teens and knows what she's saying. Ah, motherhood. This is why I raise plants and not kids.


"Why, yes, I was. Before you came along and ruined everything."

Probably too strong, no?

You're beautiful, milady, and don't you forget it!!!!


Good response!


LOVE IT!! I would have slapped a free to a good home sign on her before putting her on the curb.


Well, that's unfortunate but I'm sure she'll find a good home. Strays like her are adopted all the time.

My mom always prefaced such statements with, "Well I sure love you girls, but..."

Always the but.

Hippo Brigade

never appropriate. Never ever, ever, ever, ever.

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