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01 April 2009


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This reminds me - Bill just received a HAND WRITTEN letter on notebook paper (wide rule!) from his local Jehovah's Witness.


Big Brother is watching... or a very nosy neighbor ;)


Hell yeah, I want to "recover the freshness and joy from life again"...I'm not sure what that means, but I want it.


Well...you have clearly stated that you only get alone time in the bathroom. It might be a welcome reprieve! ;-)


Sounds good to me - sign me up!


Sign me up too! I need some R&R.


My neighbor went to some fancy rehab place in Malibu a few years ago. When she got back she told me she hung out with Naomi Campbell and Marc Jacobs the whole time. I was like, "Sign me up!" until she told me it was $80,000 for a month. :P

a madhouse wife

Yeah, I think the ones us normal people can afford are not nearly as posh. They would probably have us scrubbing toilets or something! :)


I have to agree. I've always thought nursing homes looked appealing.....no bills, no phone, 3 square meals, entertainment, sounds good to me. Hell, you don't even have to make an effort to shower yourself, they'll do it for ya!


Eight hours of consecutive sleep! Sign me up!

(Who am I kidding- I would kill for just six hours.)

kia (good enough mama)

Moi aussi. I can do Addict. Totally. One look at this fat ass and the world knows I can do Food Addict...

angela (nee Pais)

Narconon is the Church of Scientology. They trick people into attending who don't know because of the name...they make it sound like narcotics anonymous, which they are not affiliated with. My sister went to their "treatment" program in some mountainey area outside of Temecula somewhere. (my parents signed her up and got the "druggy buggy" to pick her up - they did NO research, but wanted her to, you know, not die...) They spent the whole time trying to audit her and brainwash her. She's got some interesting stories. It's a huge recruitment tool for the church. Very interesting.

Any-hoo... :)

little miss mel

that would have gone into my trash in 2 secs flat...

it does sound relaxing, doesn't it. well, not the sober part. maybe adding hard alcohol to a hair spray bottle may help.

Hippo Brigade

Those wily scientologists...always up to no good.


Haha. I was just thinking, "That sounds like a wonderful vacation." But then I figured they probably don't allow wine at a Narcanon Detox Center. Also, okay, maybe you can get "freshness" from life without drugs or alcohol, but "joy"? Yeah. Right.


It sure sounds like a place I'd like to spend 3-6 months in! Where do I register?

noble pig

Oh I forgot to tell you...I signed you up...Ha-ha. What, that's not funny?


Rehab, sounds like the type of vacation I could handle. I'll go with you.


Wait? Tom Cruise is hanging around your neighborhood? Damn, how come I only get the religious people? They come on foot, bikes and in vanloads. They practically take turns on Saturday mornings knocking on my door to save me. It's a good thing I sleep soundly when hungover.

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