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20 May 2009


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I'm glad your having a better day, good for you! Everyone will be so struck by your beautiful toes they won't notice the hair. Which probably isn't as bad as you think.

Suzy Cassel-Yanez

Ive got 38 DD And am inticipating a breast reduction in my near future. MY BACK IS KILLING ME!


Clairol Root Touch-up. 10 minutes. I swear by it.

Glad to hear you are having some good moments. I'll keep wishing for more.


I keep my toes nice so no one will notice I am in a size 42F nursing bra. 42F! With foodstains! And I dye my hair to match my red-headed daughter so no one will notice my ginormous ass.

Are you on the left?

Happy pedicure, Mrs. G!


I want my highschool boobs back too. I didn't even need to wear a bra most days. Sigh.


I think your the cutey on the far left. Keep on writing we will listen. P.s. As were sharing, I have 32 DD's! If I have kids I am afeared to think how big these girls will get. People might lose an eye if I turn around too quickly. :P

Lynn from For Love or Funny

Hey, is that 1980's hair? Was this picture taken in New Jersey???


i vote that you please photograph the snowglobe collection.

movin down the road

I love facebook. Even though I am not on it too much, I love that I can go there and connect with someone who fits the need at any given point. There's someone funny, someone with information, someone nurturing....(and lots more out of the 300 and somethin' friends!) My boobs got bigger too, but by bigger, I mean "34B" from "next to nothin'"


Glad you having some good days. I had no boobs at school so I quite like my 38Ds now. They are my friends and slightly detract from the stomach rolls and back flab that I also didn't have at school. Go with the Clairol 10 minute touch up, it'll make the world of difference.


Hey, I have snowglobes too! It was a collection... until my kids got ahold of it. Now, it's more like a last man standing sort of collection.


Clearly, you are the girl on the far left. And I don't miss my high-school boobs (well, yes, I *do* miss them --- or at least miss the fact they weren't hanging around my belly button) but what I mean is I miss my high school "fat" more. You know, when I weighed fifty pounds LESS than I do now and thought I was fat .... am I the only one who was like that?

On another topic, even though I don't always know what to say, I want you to know I'm reading and listening and never bored when you post about a bad day. I might not be a "long, lost" friend, but I am still here, ptsd, snow globes, and all. :)


Booby comments, and snow globes.....You're almost back!!!!

Don't worry, we'll wait for the wit, sarcasm, and cussing to return.


I am truly shocked by this snow globe revelation! I want to see them!

It's ok to write as much sad stuff as you want. It's YOUR blog. Don't apologize for it.

Your high school picture is so cute! You were obviously not a huge nerd like I was.


I only wish I had enough boobs to need a bra in high school. Well, other than a training bra.


I love facebook too! I can't believe how much some people have changed over the years. I mean seriously, the high school slut, is married with children now & spouting Bible verses in every other status update - WOW what a change lol! But in a good way. Then there's the football players that are balding with the beer guts forming - hilarious! & we haven't hit 30 yet! So yeah facebook is amusing. But I think my favorite part, like yours, is catching up with the friends that you adore but lost contact with somewhere along the way. Ah how I've missed those girls :o)

Oh & being the usual "funny friend" I have to say from experience that along with funny comes the "foot in your mouth" comments. I learned pretty quick that there's a place for funny & sometimes people who are grieving dont want to hear your jokes. I may find being funny relieving during grief but many others dont. So maybe that's why they've taken a step back & given you some space.


I say "fuck the thank you notes." Let these posts be your thank you notes. (Or is that just my own guilt talking?)

a madhouse wife

Facebook has been a wonderful reconnector for me too. Glad you are having some good days tossed in there. Can't wait to hear about the big events! :)

I'll show you my dreamsicles if you show me your snowglobes. Wow. That sounds REALLY dirty. hahahahahahaha


No one expects thank you notes from someone who is grieving. And if they do, they suck. You've got to be the girl on the left?

Miss Kate

A few things:

1. Not that I'm a funny friend, but I still visit. I don't comment. Because I suck. I absolutely do not have the right things to say and I am a jackass.
2. I have a snowglobe. With Charlie Brown and Linus and the scraggly Xmas tree. So I am there with you.
3. I also say "screw the thank you notes". If anything, wait a couple of months.
4. Dude. I have DDs NOW, with zero kids! This does not bode well for me.

Cyndi B

I want my whole high school upper body, thank you! That flat stomach...sure do miss it!


I have the same boobs I had in high school. It's overrated.


You still have funny friends! Wait, am I not a funny friend? Balls.

You have a lot of people here willing to listen to whatever you feel like saying. No one is expecting you to bring the funny.

I didn't know you collected snow globes. {Files that away.}

P.S. My tits are bigger and saggier than yours- SO THERE.


My 3 yr old has a small snowglobe collection, and it is a source of great angst for me. Toddlers running around with glass balls filled with water? Trip to the ER waiting to happen. But she loves them, so everyone buys them for her.

I like reading your blog because you are interesting and relatable. Doesn't matter if it's a happy or sad post. I just like hearing what you have to say. Don't feel pressure to put on a happy face for the readers - just write whatever is waiting in the tips of your fingers (I find it near impossible to force myself to write anything else, you know?).

What was your very first snowglobe?


Please can I be there when Madhouse Wife shows you her Dreamsicles? I've seen them before, and I must say they are quite a treat! Wait, that ALSO sounds dirty....


so glad to see you're having some good days mixed in with the bad...that's definitely a step in the right direction.

what a great picture! one of my friends on facebook has started posting all kinds of old high school (and even junior high! GASP!) pictures and it's funny how similar they look to the one you posted - no one felt weird about just pulling people together and posing for a picture, we all had big hair (hello Aqua Net!), and there was ALWAYS someone in a cheerleading outfit. good times!


I think the journey through grief is a long one. I have been following your story over the last several weeks and suffered a loss of my own (My Father) in the interim. I just want to give a shout out to you for your courage and wish you and your family peace and happiness. My heartfelt condolences go out to you.


Boobs? What are those? Sigh. I was flat as a pancake in high school and it's gone downhill, literally, from there. Oh, they performed well enough during the breastfeeding years two decades ago but now they are like two used condoms, limp on my chest. My better half sports man-boobs and he says we could gain worldwide attention by having the first husband-to-wife breast transplants.

Me and my "monkey boobs" vote for some entertaining snowglobe pictures.

Glad to hear you are keeping busy.


That's you on the end. In the pink sweater.

I'm finding Facebook to be a little weird. I feel stalked by some of these peeps.


That picture looks eerily similar to ones I've dug up for Facebook friends I've reconnected with. Class of 90 here... I imagine you're somewhere around there too :-)

Can't wait to hear your exciting news!


Luck you, you had boobs in school. Me not so much!


Wow, all of your readers are really excited about snowglobes. I'm not sure how I feel about this.


Hi Shana - I agree with those above that say we are here to read whatever you want to write about, however you're feeling. I think of you and your family everyday. I can imagine that I would feel the same way about hating my house. I think about what you're dealing with and can imagine being the same way...about everything except the snowglobes. But who am I to judge, I had a whole Precious Moments thing going there for awhile....enjoy the globes, shake the shit out of them if you want to, whatever works.
Take care, Michele in Staten Island
PS - you're totally the chick on the left in that groovetastic photo.


We are here for you - for the good, the bad, and the ugly. We will laugh with you, cry with you and share boob sizes with you! I'm a 36DDD by the way (sure do miss those cute, pre-children 34Cs). Oh, and I too have a snowglobe collection that little fingers are just itching to get a hold of!

Kim Powell

Glad to see you haven't lost your funny, witty Shana that we all love! I so know which one is you! Pretty girl! Take care of you!
Much love!


Glad to hear you're having some good days too. But post whatever you need to, whenever you need to do it. After all, it's your blog, so it's all about you! ;)


We are so not tired of you working out your grief.... don't ever think that. Write whatever you want, we will read! And I agree about NOT worrying about thank you notes. My goodness. Writing thank you notes after this whole tragedy is crazy talk! :)


i was pretty certain you were the chippy on the left, but still cheated and double checked your Flickr;)

my boobs grew with each pregnancy also...from a C to a D, and then afterwards when i lost a ga-zillion pounds thanks to gall stones? a really sad B.

kind of like tennis balls in tube socks.



Fuck me... I was a 38AA (yes you read that right) in high school, cause I was both skinny AND barrel-chested, damnit, and NOW after breastfeeding two babies, I'm a ...wait for it... 38A!! Woot! Or... not. You want TMI? My husband claims he loves my absurdly small breasts because my nipples are so big. I was taken aback, having never really thought of anything surrounding the general breastish area of mine as "big".. but I'll take that, I suppose. This from the man who wouldn't go near them when they were squirting milk across the room and a whopping 38B+. I dare you to find me a bra. I have to shop in the chubby little girl section.

You're definitely the doll on the left. You remind me so much of girls I both wanted to punch in the throat and loved dearly. This bodes well. ;)

Anyway... I was not one of your funny friends. I met you when you lost Thalon. But I think we're going to get along just fine! Please, piss, moan, whine, rage, cuss, trash-talk... I'm pretty sure I'm hooked regardless of your mood.


Just so you know, you are allowed to be sad and depressing on your site if that is the way you are feeling. I'll still read. I mean, who can expect you to be happy all the time after what you are experiencing.

just sayin'. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to be funny if you don't feel like it. :-)


Can I just say you look super fucking cute in that picture!

noble pig

What a great picture and memory. And of course you have the good and the bad and don't you ever think you can't rant about the bad until you blue in the face. This is your house and you need to do what you please! have a good day.

Serena Yuen-Beltz

In your case, thank you notes are overrated--a group email should suffice.

I love that you are snarky and real. No fluff and stuff and you have every right to rant about your PTSD for as long as you like!

I want my post-baby #1 boobs back. #2 did a nice job of flattening me out. BOOO!!!


Point the first: Snow globes? Fuck yeah.

Point the second: I still follow your blog and would even if you went All Snowglobe, All the Time.

Point the third: Damn is so not a cuss word. Hell, ass, and bitch don't count either in my book.

Point the fourth: All boobs over a D-cup sag.

Point the fifth: At least you can remember ever having perky boobies. Mine went straight from pancake flat to "Hello, do you like my DDD cafeteria lady/grandma bra with seventeen hooks that only comes in white and probably even has to be special-ordered?" during the second half of sophomore year.

Point the sixth: I love Facebook. Except that the other day someone un-friended me and I can't figure out who. That pisses me off to no end.

Point the seventh: Piss is not a cuss word either.

little miss mel

Party Pics!! Oh my, that place has got so many pics of me I'd rather not share with anyone. You look like one HOT mamma. Perky boobs and all! :)

Are a "So you Think you can Dance" fan? Cause that starts tonight. And then there's next week.

I'd love to see your snow globe collection. any day.


You've gotta love FaceBook! ;)

It's fun to see "old" friends you haven't talked to in years. What did we do before the internet?

Oh and Alexis saw the words "snow globe" and nearly had a coronary. She collects them too and now thinks "You're so cool!" for what it's worth! ;)

Suzy Cassel-Yanez

Piss moan whine and complain...We CARE. I know that my heart just aches for you and your family and I read every one of your updates. BTW I was a 32 DD in highschool and now I am a 38 DDD. (3 kids later all breast fed so you can imagine I sag...) My back and shoulders ache all the damn time. And yep I wear a bra 24/7 unless I am in the shower.
Damn is not a cuss word but then again every other word uttered out of my mouth seems to be the F bomb these days.
Still praying for you
Suzy in California


I wouldn't consider myself funny and I just found your blog recently... but I think I refresh your blog more than anyone else's I read.I'm glad to see you're having better days. I still think of you and Thalon on a daily basis... it broke my heart to read about your tragedy. I've gone back to the beginning of your bloggity blog (and without archives, do you know how hard that is?!) and I'm just awed by how amazingly strong, witty, and hilarious you are.
Regardless, I've found a new blogcrush in you and I think I'll be coming back no matter what you write.


De-lurking to say: Whoever told you "Again? with the sadness and grief?" It takes as long as it takes! Don't let anyone make you feel guilty about that. And thank you notes?! Who would ever expect that from anyone grieving? Screw them, I say.


Cute picture, and I know all about those 38DD's! I'm not reading you because I thrive on saddness. I do not get off on other peoples sadness. I do like to read where you are at and how the grieving process moves in people during their worst experience. See I fear the worst most days. Have felt this way ever since I became a mother 30 years ago. To read about you, Heather and how you get out of bed each day gives me hope in this roller coaster life that we all live in. I believe in Heaven and I think that where we are today, in this ever changing world of ours, is Hell. Thank you God for our future.

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