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20 July 2009


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nah , someones nightmare is another persons sweet dream ...


Going to buy a seat protector tomorrow. I'm glad you have a new car!


Confession? Eh.

It's up to the dealer to be honest (hahahahhahaha) and disclose everything now.

As for the crayon on plastic...Magic Eraser! It worked for me the time my DD (at 18 months) decided to convert my kitchen flooring and appliances with a red crayon!

Shauna McGlynn

I tell myself the melted crayon stuck in the plastic is artsy. I will try that line whenever I try to trade it in. I am not hopeful it will work. Worse than crayon? That would be milk based baby barf-oy.

Peace and love, SHauna


My house came with melted crayon in the walls, which we have never mothered to take out. Maybe that's why it isn't selling?

Congrats on the new ride!!


heading out to the shops right frigging now....thank you Shana xxxx


Oh isn't it lovely when you have to take the car seats out and are forced to look at the accumulated crap. That was me a few months ago. (I also found a whole sandwich. It was BAD)


Two things, which you may have already tried for getting off the crayon . . . Mr. Clean Magic Thingies and Goo Gone. They really work miracles. Enjoy the new wheels.

Lynn from For Love or Funny

Sweet! What type of new old car are you driving now? I'm picturing you in a Ferrari, but I suspect it's a minivan like mine! :)

Lisa Wood

great to see the old car gone and a our newer car waiting to be broken in!!! WOW you should see our car after we have been to the beach, eating along the way and then eating icecream on the way home!!! Not pretty but its fine, its only a car. As long as the kids are happy that is all that matters.
Take care and give those girls a big hug for being so creative!!


I don't think I've ever quite seen a car like that! Too funny!

Julie Shaner

Ha Ha......my kids are not in car seats and I still find smushed, melted candy inbetween seats....it is not as hot here in NC but still gets pretty toasty....glad you got rid of the lemon and now enjoy your new ride.....


so happy for you ! congrats on the new car! i have named my mini-van the snot rocket yeah not to classy but kinda sums it up :) and i totally agree with Lisa, just a car. i tell my hubby the dirt says "love" because it means we have been to the beach, park and soo on. love and prayers


Of course a new car is an antidepressant - especially after removing car seats from your old car. I would swear that my daughter hasn't eaten anything in the car in months and I vacuumed out her seat before I put it back in last, and I STILL have cracker crumbs everywhere! Having something new and clean just feels good. And then you have to take the children somewhere...


Shana, Thanks for reminding me why my kids aren't allowed to eat in my car!!! Hubby lets them eat in his, and every time the detailing guy finishes our cars, he whispers to me "your car is SOOOOOO much cleaner".

Sadly, my house is a sty, but my car is clean.

Share...what kinda car didya get? Photos?



I couldnt stop laughing the entire post... esp w/ the pics!

a madhouse wife

I cannot tell you how happy I am to see someone else's car looks just like mine! Specifically, under the carseats. My car is so bad, that the last time I went to visit my parents, my mother TOOK IT UPON HERSELF to clean it because she couldn't stand the filth. Me? I've come to embrace it! And her beautiful cleaning job was shot to hell by the time we finished the two hour trip back home! How's the new car doing so far?! lol


YAY new car! And thanks for the seat protector advice. I am definitely going to invest in one of those!


I have one child...and one husband...yep only one husband...anyway.......You're car is/was in the same state mine is in. We unfortunately take a lot of car trips so eating in the car and 'living' in the car is a must. We are so disgustingly messy in the car...so don't feel bad...the only thing our car is missing is the crayon...bc my daughter would eat the crayon and not color with it.

I also think my spirits would be lifted if I didn't have to look at all that mess anymore either! :)


Oh my, Moira is quite the artist. Thanks for the seat protector PSA, I took mine out when we switched seats a few weeks ago and will now be spending some time this morning putting it back in.

So what did you end up with?


I say Lets have a party! One that rids us of bad juju, h1n1, depression, melted crayons, weddings and june bugs...what do you say sister? xoxo


I found a melted crayon in my car compartment yesterday afternoon. AM SO PISSED.


You know me and my cleaning frenzy habit- seeing that crayon on the car made me twitch and reach for a scrubber. ;-) I'm so glad you got a new car!

Kristi of Million Dream Mom

OMG. 0.o If a tarantula ever went IN my car but not out, *I* would never get in that car again. But then, I'm also severely arachnophobic. I'm freaking out just THINKING about it, lol.

Kids are hell on cars! We HAVE car seat protectors under the kids' seats and we still somehow end up with messes working their way underneath to taint our seats.

Of course, I'm not the cleanest person in the world either so I can't get on them too much...hehe.


I recently removed my 3 y/o's car seat to put it in my mom's car, and OMG-- the amount of choking hazard toys, Goldfish crackers, Pirate's Booty, and melted chocolate candy was incredible. I am surprised the seat still fit snugly against the car it was so bad. And my car is a LEASE, which means I am screwed in a year or so when I turn it in!

Krys S

I too have a crayola artist on my hands, and she likes to make murals on her walls, and everything else. The best trick? WD-40. I kid you not, it takes it right off. ESPECIALLY on plastic. If I didn't have that in my bag of tricks SHE might be hanging on the wall by now. (My dad, is in fact, a taxidermist lol)

I'm SO glad you got the beast out of your life, because one less stress is always a blessing.


Holy shit! I think you've had enough to deal with that God will let you slide right by the confessional. Now I'm off to go research these seat protectors.


Glad you got a new car! Also, glad someone else wanted the old one!


When did you take pictures of my car?

Oh wait, that can't be mine...there's no Dr. Pepper explosion in the backseat. Apparently if you leave an unopened can of soda in your backseat cupholder and leave the windows rolled up in the sweltering Texas heat it will EXPLODE!

Dude. A tarantula? In your car? Talk about the heebie jeebies.

I'm so happy for you. Gotta love that new car high.


OMG. The carseat woes. How does that crap get under the carseat and then pureed into a fine blechy mess? And the back part of our van? I believe (not willing to verify until absolutely necessary) that there is a giant sucker adhered to the plastic, cemented by Coke sugars. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.


oh well, just means your kids are artistic, right?! good job on getting a diffrent car, hop this one isn't cursed!;)


You are too funny - I remember the tarantuala post! It still scares the crap out of me. I wanted to sell my car when a similar thing happened, but my husband thought I was crazy.

By the way, just found a roach/june bug in our dirty laundry and thought of you. Seemed to small to be a roach, but too big to be a june bug. Oh, and it was alive.


Minus the chocolate milk (and tarantula), that's pretty much what my backseat looks like. You don't know what's really back there until you remove those car seats.


Hmm, what does it say about me that the picture of the car seat did not phase me at all? Congrats on your new ride!


Dude, because I'm nerdy this reminds me of a John Steinbeck novel where he talks about this horrid device called the Sea Cow that's basically a boat that never works. This wouldn't be an issues, however Steinbeck was on a MARINE BIOLOGY trip, thus making a boat necessary. The Sea Cow pretty much never worked effectively and after many weeks on the sea hating it, he slapped on a new coat of paint and sold it to the next poor asshole. He should have rid the world of "the mechanical cancer" but didn't. So now you can compare yourself to John Steinbeck! And you got rid of the mechanical cancer! Win/win situation!!!


What did you end up getting to replace the hunk 'o junk???


My car currently smells like a stinking, fetid swamp. My husband left a gallon jug of water in the back floorboard, which developed a leak at some point. The water then soured and mildewed in the heat. He came home one day to announce that it smelled 'a little musty.' Sweet Jesus, what an understatement. No matter what we've tried, the smell will not come out. It's like The Swamp Thing has been driving the damn car.


it's not just kids that make messes in cars! on a road trip a few years back, my friend decided "now would be a good time" to paint her fingernails. in addition to the overwhelming gag factor of nail polish in a small enclosed space, she then proceeded to spill sparkling pink nail polish ALL over my (dark blue) emergency brake.

aside from the obvious choice of nail polish remover (i'm not QUITE that dumb...) i haven't figured out a way to get it off...


I almost peed myself from laughing so hard. Thanks for making my day. Enjoy your new ride!!!


How did you manage to get in my car and then take a picture? Ahhh, the universal back seat of a parent.


One man's trash is another man's treasure, right? She could have been trading up for The Beast because her car was even worse.


My car needs a TON of work right now and I'm seriously considering just trading it in and getting something better. YOU HAVE INSPIRED ME, SHANA!

Tina S

Too funny! That's what my car looks like too!The seat at least. Try hand sanitizer on the crayon. I know it has gotten paint out of my carpet for some reason. Congrats on the new car!


Congrats on your new ride! And thanks for the heads-up on the seat protectors. ;)


You crack me up! I feel your pain, I just found a week old whole milk in my back seat roasting in the sun. BARF! But one Wo-man's trash is anothers treasure!


God looks away during most used car sales. Don't worry.


Hey it looks like the back of my car when I remove the car seat!


My seventeen year old threw up chocolate donuts all over the back of my 94 Camaro (brand new at the time). You would not believe how many times that sucker had to get detailed before the smell cleared out.

And no, I didn't buy a damn protector because I'm old enough that my first kid didn't have cool shit like that. But I did quit letting him eat chocolate donuts in the back seat.

That is all.


OMG! I've seen that hell below the car seat. I'd forgotten about it. I did daycare for 7 years and had SEVERAL car seats with hell below them. How crazy was I?


Your car looks like underneath my coffee table. I'm not moving or cleaning under there until I move.

BTW, when I go to confession, I always pack a lunch for me and the priest. Since we're going to be there for a while we might as well eat. Plus a roast beef sandwich for the priest should lower the number of Hail Mary's I have to say :)

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