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06 October 2009


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haitian american family of three

Yes, we have a soundtrack to our lives and it changes rapidly. Last month is was the new Indigo Girls album, this month its Bob Dylan, Lily Allan and La Rue. Music really does set the mood and memory. I just found my new favorite song, M79 by vampire weekend-give it a listen, it is marvelous.

lisa wood

Music is so great for the sole.....and it changes in our house all of the time as well!! At the moment our all time favorite is Nickleback "If Today was your last day". Thought I would include the link so you can enjoy too....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEGqEWieDok
it really gets me thinking.
Good to see that we are not the only ones who listen to CD's as we don't have MP3 in our house!!


Given that I'm falling apart like a 90-year-old grandmother these days, I can't date myself by revealing the soundtrack to my life.

I can, however, relate to what you said about CDs vs. MP3s. I've decided that the peak of technology--for me--is the DVR. Don't care what comes out next, this is it for me. Kind of like my mom with a VCR :)

Hang in there, my friend!


You arent creepy... And I think that baby's smile was a loud "yes"...


My soundtrack is something, hell ANYTHING, sung by The Muppets.

And I don't care if you give me an F for that answer!!

It's not easy being green!!

Hallie :)


I have an answer on the jeans situation. 8 1/2 or 10 10 1/2. I buy them at Target or Walmart for my daughter.


First can i just say that this morning started off with me belting from the shower some gaywad journey song to which my kids and husband joined in. Yes this i am ashamed of.
Have no idea where this outburst came from.
my younger days Tori amos boys from pele was definitely my soundtrack of life. today its more like Imogene Heap. I'm too fat for anything Fergie/black eyed peas style as i can't even relate to her because my thigh is the size of her whole body.
And don't forget u2's all that you can't leave behind. and don't forget we have a date coming up-that concert is around the corner. man i love your guts!


I have no soundtrack, and I don't have any mp3s (that I listen to - I occasionally download free ones, because they're free).


Macy's sells Applebottom jeans for their age!!!! My daughter is 6 and takes after me with the "buttage". My mom found them last winter and they are cute-not teeny boppy or skanky looking, no words like "juicy" across the tush. Just little back pockets shaped like apples. They were so soft and comfy and I didn't have to stuff her in them ....good luck....love your blog and think of you often "hugs"

MFA Mama

Sountrack of my life...hmm...definitely "Flagpole Sitta" by Harvey Danger. Except I haven't lost a leg to a medical error. YET.


Ok so the whole applebottom thing made me google applebottom jeans cause I think it is too funny that a song made such an impact on fashion terminology LOL and here is what I found:

They have all sizes girls and womens so I bet you can find some jeans here for your 6yr old!



I have a particular fondness for soul patches/flavor savors on a guy. I do!

I could probably put together the soundtrack of my life though it'd take some time.

Creepy Mommy

Ah, the soundtrack to my life? Well, in high school I was deeply in love with many a boy and The Goo Goo Dolls, I believe, played a huge part in that. Can I just say thanks, you guys kind of suck? My first boyfriend, while a Christian rocker (ya, I don't even know what that means) was way into Korn therefore, so was I. For a short while. Moving on, we have Led Zeppelin, the ten CD box set where I would smoke mass amounts of home grown and listen to Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp over and over and over again, as well as Misty Mountain Hop, Tangerine, Hey Hey What Can I Do and many more. Next up Coldplay, followed by Paul Simon, always Paul Simon. That man is a lyrical genius! Oh, and let me not forget the beginning of it all. The Cranberries, The Wallflowers and Oasis when I was twelve and my older sister would throw parties in the backyard for all her high school friends and was kind enough to invite her dorky little sister with the horrible buck-teeth. You see, it was at one of these party's where I met the future father of my child, so when I hear Wonderwall I always think of those spring evenings, dancing in the backyard sporting a huge crush on the man that would one day be the father of my daughter. Sappy, right? Meh, it is what it is.


The "Singles" soundtrack is so completely my early college years. I still listed to that CD (!!!!) all the time.

"Sail Away" by David Gray carried me through a gut-twisting breakup, and all of the early Coldplay reminds me of living along Lake Superior in winter and wanting to off myself. So that's pleasant! NO more melancholy music for this depressive, that's for sure.


won't take on the soundtrack challenge - but glad you're back :-)


Heartbreaker By Ryan Adams

This entire album is my soundtrack to my life. There is a song on it for every mood, every shit situation, happy moments and sad. Its all there, in one place and I love that. If there was just some way to have it playing around me all the time, my background music, I think I would come off as way cooler, less misunderstood, or at the very least not seem so crazy. As always thinking of you and I still don't think your crazy!


I like a wide variety - from 60's, 70's and 80's rock to old school hip hop. I listen to music all day and it's usually the classic rock station. Jimi Hendrix Blues album currently in the kitchen cd player. I am also not a big fan of facial hair - it's pokey. Best to you and your family.


I was totally going to respond to this until you mentioned we were being graded. Luckily my sister was near by and caught me before my fainting ass fell to the floor. NO.MORE.GRADES!


Hmmm.... I can never stop listening to the Decemberists. But, I don' tknow if they're my soundtrack.


Right now my soundtrack is 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton and the Theme from Superman (The Movie).


Every time I hear a song I love, I say, "If they made a movie about my life, this song would be on the soundtrack". And all the people standing around me glance nervously at me and then slyly make their way across the room.

On my soundtrack: Me and Bobby Megee by Joplin, Rock and Roll Jesus by Kid Rock, Redneck Girls by the Bellamy Brothers, California Dreamin' by the Mamas and the Papas, Sick and Tired by Cross Canadian Ragweed....and lots more....but I don't want to bore you.


You ARE lucky in the hairless (ahem) cat sense! I'm far from hairless... it's an ongoing battle around here. And my daughter, bless her soul, is twice as hairy as I was AFTER puberty. She's only 8! From her eyebrows to her calves.. cursed by that bit of Sicilian she picked up on her dad's side I guess. Double whammied.

My soundtrack is comprised of actual soundtracks... (start laughing now... you might as well) (it's like I have my own anthology, or full-blown box set, no mere album) Starting way back with soundtracks like American Graffiti, GREASE, and Annie then cruising through Footloose into TopGun and Stand By Me, where we migrated over to The Lost Boys and Say Anything, winners like Reality Bites and Legends of the Fall and Braveheart (like I was getting older or something) and more recently Moulin Rouge, Message In a Bottle, Miami Vice (the MOVIE) and a throwback, Once Upon A Time In The West. That's not all of them, but it is a lot of them. We're weird like that around here. I like the random variety.


I love me some ABBA! So...the Mamma Mia soundtrack is my top pick right now. I, too, am a CD listener. I did just get the iphone, but I'm so humiliated to admit, that I have no idea how to create a playlist for the ipod... my 8 year old has to do it for me...i have totally and entirely become my mother (who, btw, passed away and I SWEAR does things to show me she is still "here" on a regular basis. I believe in that shit 100%!!!!) Take all those signs as proof, that Thalon is out there showing you..."look at me, look what i can do!" When those things happen to me, I feel this special connection that no one else knows about and I KNOW it's real.

Lucy's mom

I love your blog, I try to look in on a regular basis but don't comment often. I'm an old lady, had my kids after 40 so my soundtrack is a bit dated. I love RL Burnside (I cried when he died) and listen mostly to Neil Young, Pink Floyd and Talking Heads plus Missisippi Allstars. I think of you when I am struggling with my baby and it gives me strength to stay with the slings and arrows of our misfortune. Thalon is so adorable and I am so sorry he isn't there with you but I believe he will always be part of you in such a good way.

Shannon Kieta

I am a Jazz freak so I am the boring one! I have front row seats to the Chris Botti concert December 13th...LIVING FOR IT!!! It's my Christmas present to myself! You are NOT crazy, how many times do I have to tell you this woman? You are perfectly sane for a person who has been through what you have been through, so take it one day at a time. Hell, I lost my sister last Janurary and I still cry EVERY fucking day! YOU lost your CHILD! in April, you can't expect to miracuosly heal overnight. If someone thinks you are taking too long to heal...Fuck em! Send them to me and I will take care of them FOR you sweetie! You take as long as you need, all the rest will fall into place. Shannon

Debbie E.

The soundtrack to my life is Pink Floyd's The Wall. It came out during a very unhappy time of my life. Now if I'm feeling positive, I like to listen to it to remember that I survived the not-so-good times, and if I'm depressed, well, I might as well go all in.
Oh, and my hubby had a 'stache before I met him. I let him know in no uncertain terms it was not to return!


I just want to say yes they do sell apple bottom jeans for girls....I have seen them at TJ MAX I don't know if you have one of them around you or not. But they are there

a madhouse wife

OK, come do my job, because I totally gave me students an assignment called "soundtrack to your life" at the beginning of the year. It was very interesting!


Soundtrack would go:
Sergio Mendez / Lawrence Welk / Sinatra 0-5 years old
Grease / Saturday Night Fever / The Bee Gees 7-9 years old
Micheal Jackson - 12 years old
Journey / Guns & Roses - 15-17 years old
Nirvana / The SMITHS - 19-22 years old
Elvis Costello - 25 years old
Radiohead - 30 years old
The Garden State Soundtrack - 35 years old
Nursery Rhymes - 40 years old


Soundtrack: Original Earth Wind & Fire. Ahhh....

Glad to be reading you again (and you sound perfectly healthy to me.)


WOW - I have so many soundtracks. The most memerable one is an album (so not really a "soundtrack" per se) that I only associate with living in a specific apartment in Manhattan. Even now when I play it, I'm transported back to a time when I made a lot less, but seemed a lot more happy. Sigh.


And I receive telepathic messages all the time. So you are NOT weird.

Or we both are. Either way, you're not alone.

Ashley Hast

I've been thinking about my soundtrack for days, and I still can't come up with anything solid with the exception of Pink Floyd's The Wall. It's a hell of a long set...but I like it alot. ;) If I could make my very own personalized soundtrack though? It would have a bit of it all: Neil Diamond (hello Cracklin' Rosie?), Three Dog Night, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Charlie Daniels, Britney Spears, 311 (woah....Amber is the color of your energy...woah....), Ella Fitzgerald, Type O Negative, Ricky Skaggs, some African American gospel choir noise, Andrea Bocelli, and maybe even some NWA. You know...that old nutshell. :)


Oh sweetheart. I just read that most beautiful, amazing post you wrote above. I want to give you the biggest motherfucking hug in all the land. I want to hold you and let you talk about anything, stroke your head, and tell you it's going to be alright.

What a powerful thing, to meet that lady. Wow. Made me cry.

Keep writing! Write about Thalon. Draw him close in your words, share him with us and let us carry a bit of your pain. Write it in and out and above and away.

You never, ever have to apologise for anything. Also, I would get you to mind my kids in a heartbeat. You are fucking beautiful.



I just bought a pair of jeans for my 6 year old applebottomed daughter...it's a yearly challenge finding a pair that fit her. I ended up with Gap Boy Cut size 8s.. They are a little long but I just rolled them up. They are baggy and cute and I *think* she'll actually wear them. Good luck!


I'm totally famous now.



(still can't spell worth a damn!)


You are endlessly entertaining, my dear.


Thinking of you today, Shana. {{{}}}


I have a bevy of soundtracks for my life -- at least one for every year. Next time you visit, we'll have to go on a musical adventure together.


Moulin Rouge and Out of Africa.

Here's something from one who is ahead of you on your path. Her child has been gone for two and a half years and she is very eloquent about the truth:



You know by now that Apple Bottoms does make jeans in your daughter's size... but I'll just add that The Children's Place (www.thechildrensplace.com) also has some jeans that are pretty great in that area, and they're cheap, too!


Gin Blossoms' music, in particular the New Miserable Experience album, are my soundtrack. I think that album may be the only reason I got through my divorce with my mental faculties intact.





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