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04 November 2009


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Amy --- Just A Titch

As a teacher, trust me---this is the sort of thing that keeps me going. Love it!


Out of the mouths of babes, so to speak. It was cute and very funny. Everybody needs a giggle now and then. I'm with Amy, love it!


Bwahahaha! Maggie wrote some "story" about how when she was a baby, I would leave her alone with her toys & then come back later & she would still be there all by herself...accompanied, of course, by a drawing of a baby in what looked like a dog pen. Greaaaat...

Twenty Four At Heart

LOL! That is awesome. I'd keep that paper and give it to her when she turns thirty! : )


HAAAAAAAA. That's just funny. And needs to be framed.


I can't stop laughing. That is hysterical.

A friend of mine in my early 20s had a much younger brother in elementary school. He had to write sentences using vocabulary words and one week one of the words was molest (to bother). Brother wrote, "My brother Bob molests me every day." HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Alicia @ bethsix

Oh c'mon. We all know that's our favorite treat. Heh.


My husband wants that chocolate bar every night for dessert!


OK, clearly it is too early in the morning for me because I had to read it twice to get the joke. How funny is that?? :)

Serena Beltz

Priceless! Laminate it, put it away and give it back to her when she gets married.

Shannon Kieta

Oh C'mon, Rich, your just sore she stole YOUR favorite treat! nahnahnahnahanah!(hahahahaha!) I needed that sooo bad! Thanks for sharing Shana!(and Rich!) Shannon

Maggie, dammit



Clit bars are very nutritious and part of a balanced breakfast.


Oh, at least she can, er... add?


Clit bars -- they're not just for breakfast anymore.

Thanks for sharing - that was awesome.


SO FUNNY. Now please ask Celia where I may purchase one of these clit bars.


You know the teacher copied that and showed it to all of her friends!

She can add AND alphabetize...who needs spelling?


Answers like that are the absolute best thing about being a teacher.

Paige Jennifer

Awesome. That'd be a big seller in Northampton (Mass), otherwise renamed Lesbianville USA by 20/20 my freshman year at Smith.


Please tell me that you put this on the fridge!




I saw in my reader that the photo was called "clit001" and I was, let's just say, INTRIGUED. Ha.


Definitely one for the scrapbook.


Mmmmmm. Yummy yummy clit bars.

King Isepik

I was laughing so hard at this, I had to close my office door. That nearly ruptured my spleen. Too Funny!


I cannot stop laughing!! Good one! I needed a laugh!



What's a doy?


a madhouse wife

Yep. We've gotten a few of those around here too. And remember, everyone: Catholic school! ;)

Ashley Hast

HOLY. SHIT. This is *the funniest thing I've read since being hooking up to an effing ventilator, but finding the strength to flip off my husband with every bit of being I had three weeks ago. LOVE IT. You should send a copy to TV. Oh, If only my child could do something so funny. ;)




Please tell me you're saving this one for when she's 28!


I am still giggling and would have loved to been a fly on the wall when the teacher read it! :)


I wonder how filling a clit bar would be. I'll have to ask my husband.
This gave me the best laugh in a long time! Thank your daughter for being her.


That's awesome. I'm impressed that the teacher was able to figure out it was supposed to be "chocolate bar".

little miss mel



As a long time first grade teacher every year I have a child reverse their b to make a d and write how they love to ride their dick. This usually means bike. We always get a good laugh out of it.


THIS IS AMAZING. You should keep it forever, and never ever show it to her. My mom showed me something like this that I'd produced around age 6, and I am STILL embarrassed.

Shirley LaRosa

Thanks for the laugh! :)


LOL! That's definitely something to hang on to and give to her when she's older. I would love to have something like that from my childhood!

It reminds me of this, if you haven't seen it yet: http://www.theinsider.com/news/1704889_My_Mom_the_Pole_Dancer_at_Home_Depot


Ugh, sorry - didn't realize that link didn't actually include the picture drawn by the daughter: http://www.yorkblog.com/mommy/assets_c/2009/01/mommygrowup-thumb-400x290.jpg


That was my favorite halloween treat this year too!


Holy. Crap.

This is pretty funny.


That is not making fun. My god, if you can't laugh at funny little kids, what can you laugh at? Or with? Or...
As my mom always says, "That's so CHARMING." We're just charmed, see?
Also, I know many teachers and this is exactly the reason why they love teaching.
Please drag this out when her future boyfriends come over. PLEASEEEE.


What a coincidence...that's my husbands favorite treat too!


God, please let me repost this. It is the funniest damn thing in all of the world.

How did you not completely lose your shit?? It's not even my child and I think I peed myself a little, I laughed that hard.

Clit bars FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


diet coke just came out my nose!

Serena Beltz

Um, kudos to the teacher for kindly making the spelling adustment. Isn't she in Catholic School?


My hubby needed a HUGE laugh so i had this set up for him to see, boy it worked he had tears rolling down his face! love and hugs :)


That is pure awesome. Please save this for her to see when she's much older, she'll love it! I bet that made her teacher's day too.

The favorite thing my mom saved was something I did in elementary school and I had to write what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said I wanted to work at Shopko. I had big dreams then apparently.

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