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09 December 2009


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Jessica M

I swallowed a penny a few times when I was in high school. See, someone told me that when sucked on the copper in pennies would bring a breathalyser down. Seeing as that I was under age being at outdoor festivals with alcohol in your system was a no no so I spent one night that I was out sucking on pennies. The major problem with this was since I was drunk I kept swallowing them. I think I swallowed three before I decided I should stop sucking on them.
SO I know the penny was not the main part of your post, but I thought this was fitting.
P.S. I Think I was born when Elvis died (wasn't it '78 or '79?) but I do not remember :P


OMG i used to stick a penny under my tongue then go to the nurse and you where to "suppose" to have a fever!love and hugs always.


I was a teenager, working as a runner, in one of the buildings downtown. This building still had elevator operators (women in ugly uniforms) and they were all crying. I thought it was the strangest thing.


I remember where I was...we were living in upstate NY at the time and I was in grammar school. I was visiting a friend...we were in her living room.
I am glad you are getting out of Dodge...Graceland is as good as any where!
Thinking of you as you tackle a difficult time. Remembering your sweet baby...keeping all of you close in prayer.


Lighting a candle for you, for all of the days that live in infamy.


Just an interesting note....I remember when Elvis died, August 16th. It was on my dad's birthday. Then many years later my dad died on Elvis' birthday, January 8th. I have always thought that was pretty neat.


Yes, let them live in their bubbles. I would love to press pause on 11-year-old Lindsay Lohan. In the Parent Trap! So cute and STD-free!

Thinking of you, Shana. I know the next month will be especially hard, but you and your sweet Thalon are remembered by so many. xoxo


Totally, 100% with ya on Elvis & Christmas going hand in hand :o) It's not Christmas unless Elvis is crooning a tune! I hope Graceland is just what you need to get through the rest of the holidays. & make sure you keep your liquor in the trunk while you're on the road ;o) My mom always reminds me when I take a road trip so I'm passing on the tradition lol!


I was not born yet. Dec. 22nd is my parents' anniversary. I live in the outskirts of Memphis and I have yet to go to Graceland. How's that for randomness?


I was preparing to enter sixth grade. Although I personally wasn't HUGELY affected, I do remember being sad because I thought (young) Elvis was quite good looking. What I *do* remember is that my sixth grade teacher that year, Mrs. Scatterfield, asked all the students what we thought of Elvis' death a few weeks later, when school had started, and the girl who sat next to me named Janna told the entire class that she was devastated because she had gone to an Elvis concert and he pulled her up on stage and kissed her on the cheek in front of everyone and I knew right then and there that Janna was a big. fat. liar.
The end.


I was 8 when Elvis died, but really don't remember it.

Anna Marie

Hugs. Big big hugs, Shana.

I was sitting in the car with my Nana when I heard that Elvis had died. She wasn't as upset as I was.


Elvis and Christmas totally go hand in hand. Growing up in Nashville, my dad made us listen to Elvis every tree trimming. I still think of Santa coming in a "big black Cadillac" :)


I don't remember, but I was 2 1/2 at the time. My parents were huge Elvis fans and I apparently knew all of the words to his songs (Still do). They tell me that when they broke the news to me, I cried.


I was at my aunt's house and she was DEVASTATED. She loves Elvis still.

I hope Memphis is a good location for you and your family. If it doesn't work, head up I-55 until you get to my house!


WoW, I was 11 when Elvis died, I was watching cartoons when it came on the news. Anyway....I'm glad you'll be out and about. Say Hey to Elvis for me. And I'm proud to say I never did swallow a penny, but there was this quarter that was not so lucky in a random drinking game incident, but you weren't talking about that, hmm. I admire you greatly and am sending you peace, love and hope to carry you through. If you need anything, I'll be right here.


I kinda remember when Elvis died. I remember my grandma saying it, seeming shcoked. That is about all I can muster, a faint mental image. of Nana and I in the bedroom.

I have no penny swallowing story. However I vividly recall watching Emergency! and shoving a brown crayon up my behind. I have no idea if something on the show gave me the idea or if I was a perverted 4 year old. I remember freaking out thinking it was stuck up there and I would get sick and die, but too ashamed and afraid to seek help from my mother and tell her. So I dropped hints about it for days. She never caught on and eventually I figured out since I hadn't dropped yet, I was probably safe. Taught me a lesson though, about putting things where they don't belong.

I am sure that was waaayyyy more info that you ever wanted to know, lol.


I was in the back seat of my mom's Pontiac LeMans on the way to her Weight Watchers meeting when the news that Elvis died came on the radio. My mom skipped Weight Watchers that day and we drove home while she cried. It's one of the very few very vivid memories from my childhood.

Take lots of pictures at Graceland. I bet it's pretty cool at Christmas time.


Memphis sounds as good as any place to me. I wasn't born yet when Elvis died, but I have been to Graceland. It's pretty cool.


oh man, i LOVE elvis! I've got a couple of records, if you like I can send them to you, as I don't actually own a record player anymore.
Do take pictures at Graceland & share them with us , please?
I don't think I'll ever get to go, America is a bit far away for us. (Or, really, we could never afford the flights ;))

Shannon Kieta

Happy trails to you and your family. Will you be back for Christmas? I think it will do you good to get away. Hell, I have been sitting here staring at a bare tree for three days, until my 4 1/2 yr old said, "Mom, are you going to decorate the tree this year?" I said, "Do I have to?" Yeah Mom! Alright. So I stayed up until 12:30 a.m. to decorate the tree and bawled the whole time. In case you need an update, it's the first Christmas without my sister in 39 years. I reminice of all the old Christmas's decorating our tree, wrapping gifts, and baking cookies. It really does suck big that I can't grow old with my sister. Then I think of your pain, and I cannot bear to compare. You are in my heart my friend. I hope heaven is being good to our loved one's and I hope it is the most beautiful tree of all the Heavens. Happy Birthday sweet baby boy. You will NEVER be forgotten.


I didn't realize the day was Dec 22nd. That is always a hard day for me as well. This year will be the 16th year in a row that Dec 22nd sucks. Try to have some fun in Memphis- they do make a mean BBQ there...which goes quite nicely with alcohol ;) Happy Birthday Thalon- you are loved more than you could have ever known.


I was 11 when Elvis died. I remember the news coming on the tv in the late afternoon. Hope Memphis is a good get-away for you. You could drive South of there for 20 minutes and gamble in Tunica (they give you free drinks!!). If that doesn't work, drive East and a little South until you get to my house!


I'm glad you all are getting away. I'll be thinking of you and little Thalon on Dec 22nd and hoping the day is easy as possible on you.

I was a freshman in college when Elvis died. I worked at Taco Bell for this freakish woman that had an Elvis obsession. I've never seen anyone get so upset over a celebrity death.


I remember I was watching a soap opera with my mom when they interrupted with the news of Elvis death. I have lived within 2 hours of Graceland my whole life and have never been there. Need to put that on the "to do" list. I will be thinking of you on the 22nd.


Don't remember Elvis' passing. Also don't remember, but am told that I tried to swallow a nickel. I wish you lots of whatever you need to get through. Warm thoughts and wishes to you and your family.


I remember being mildly interested in Elvis's death, the way I was mildly interested when a former president died. I recognized that it was news but it didn't really resonate with me.

We drive through Memphis every year on our way to visit the in-laws, and this summer we stopped and visited Graceland for the first time. I was surprised at how small the house was. And wonderfully cheesy.


I never swallowed a foreign object as a kid but I was ALWAYS burning myself. I can not be trusted around fire.

I think going to Graceland sounds fun!

Keary Naughton

I was with my family on vacation in Germany, we were at Mad king Ludwigs castle taking a tour, when some crazy lady told us in passing, we didn't believe her until later we were eating at a restaurant and some person was reading a paper and the front page was a hugh picture of Elvis. We figured it out then. Were slowwww. I would probably not ever think of that castle if it wern't for Elvis.


I wasn't born when Elvis died (August 16, 1977 for those of you who wondered) but my fascination with him began in 1989 when my Mom married my still-Elvis-obsessed Stepdad who I watched the made for TV movie, Elvis & Me, with over and over and over again. I love finding new and *weird* things you and I have in common!


I've missed your posts! I will be thinking of you during the next few trying weeks. I wish there were something I could do to make this a little easier.

Shana in Texas

I was six and don't remember it really. Not surprising since my mom was not a fan. She says never understood his appeal? My college roommate and I visited friends in Memphis once for New Years. We argued most of the weekend and didn't speak for the entire 10 hour drive home. Good times. Hope your visit is so much better than that!

Tracy in Huntington Beach, CA

Well that's an awesome freaking childhood memory. Reminds me a bit of the time I BURNT MY EYEBALL with a curling iron while curling my bangs and tried to hide it from my mother with sun glasses. At night. While trying to escape the house to go to a school roller skating party. :-) I is smart.

My husband and I visited Graceland in May (we were in TN for Memphis in May) . It was fun to see.....but be prepared...it's much smaller than I imagined. Much smaller. But a good time all in all.


That is some story! I swallowed a dime as a child and my mother made me drink ipecac syrup so I would vomit. When that didn't work, my whole family made fun of me and how it was going to come out.

I hope you guys have a great time. I will be thinking of you on the 22nd and all through the holidays.


I was born about a month after he died. My friend was born the day he died.

Anyway, I swallowed a calculator battery in 8th grade, in the freakiest of freak accidents and didn't tell anyone because I WAS IN EIGHTH GRADE, but then a teach was like "BATTERIES HAVE ACID IN THEM!" and my mom came in and took me to the doctor for X-rays.

Nolita Morgan

I was at Disney World when I found out and I was 8 yrs old. My 7 yr old doesn't know much about Elvis except that he died on the toilet. She came home from pre-K with that little nugget...Hope it's a good trip for all of you...be safe!


I was at my aunt & uncle's house when I heard Elvis died. My cousin is a year older than I am. She was crying & freaking out & I was wondering what the big deal was. I told my kids this summer they will always remember where they were when they heard Michael Jackson had died, because I was about their age when Elvis died, and I remember his death.

Hugs to you, across the internet!

Debbie in the UK

I was kissing in a car on a quiet country road with a hot guy when it came on the radio. We were both 18 and stopped our smooching to listen to the news, both really upset at the news at about midnight UK time! Hope you enjoy Memphis, as much as you could ever enjoy this time x


I LOVE Elvis!!! I was born the January of the year he died, so I never met him but I've been to Graceland twice. Because once isn't enough and I own a ridiculous amount of Elvis stuff. It's a bit out of control. So is the fact I have enough Elvis ornaments to do an Elvis tree. Which I have done. With blue lights.

Have fun on your trip, it will be hard and sucky but I'm sure there will be some good times in there too.


I was getting ready for school in England when Elvis died. Sitting at our round table listening to the radio. I was almost 7 and it was raining.

Sarah B.

Hit the Rendez Vous while you're there. A couple of racks of ribs, a sausage and cheese plate and pitchers of beer to wash them down will at least make your bodies, if not your spirits, feel a bit better.


Debbie E.

I was with my friend, watching her mom get her hair bleached blonde. I remember thinking how lucky I was, my hair is naturally blonde and I would never, ever look as old as Kelly's mom...I bet she was in her late 30's. And I remember where I was when John Lennon died.
I enjoy Memphis, but haven't made it to Graceland yet. I hope you all can enjoy the trip.


I think I was 9, and my parents were not fans. (my mom does share his Jan 8 bday) .. they did speak disdainfully of his drug use, I remember. I later became obsessed with Elvis for awhile, and I still bawl my eyes out whenever I hear "in the ghetto".
If you can get away to mass alone and sob that helps. (especially if you are in TN and noone knows you). If there is anyone who knows your pain its Mary. Love and prayers from our family to yours.


I live and hour from Memphis not a bad place to visit God Bless you and your family


OMG, that story is freakin hilarious, I'm laughing my butt off over here, I can picture this little kid choking down a penny and a nutso babysitter bawling, hehehe My thoughts are with you especially during the birthdays/holidays that I hope you can find some joy within. Take care. Thanks for the laugh :)


Hugs your way sister. I think Memphis sounds great. Seriously.


I remember clearly even though I was little...my recall may be warped...I remember reading something on the TV that said he died and turned to my Mom-who was in the kitchen-and said, "Who is Elvis Presley?" Now, as soon as I said his name out loud-I KNEW who he was-I was in that phase of early reading where reading comprehension wasn't there yet..I was 7 or so.
Anyway, She said, "YOU KNOW who he is"..and I said, "OH yeah-Well he's dead"
Mom stopped whatever she was doing in the kitchen and sat in front of the TV for hours. I don't know if we even got dinner that night.


I remember I was swimming at my house, just across the bridge in Marion, Arkansas at age 3 years old when Elvis died. I've lived very close to Graceland my whole life, but have never been! I love his music though! I hope you all enjoy your time the best you can, wherever you are!


I remember being a little bummed that Thalon wasn't born on my son's birthday, the 21st. If only that was the only thing to worry about...

I hope you have as peaceful a time as you can, Shana. I guess it will always be hard, but the "firsts" have to be the hardest, I would think.

Rebecca Hart

I was 11. My mother was in the hospital and died 10 days later on Aug. 26th. We buried her in W. VA. and had to drive through Memphis, TN on the way. The traffic was a nightmare and I remember thinking "MY MOM died too! Doesn't ANYONE in the world care about THAT? I'm just as sad as Lisa Marie!!!" But, no one answered......ever. It was the first manifestation of how ALONE I felt.

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