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10 April 2010


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My heart aches for you. I know there is nothing I can say or do, but I'm thinking of you.


I have written this post over and over and over...nothing seems fitting, nothing seems right, nothing seems like it will bring you peace..probably because nothing I can write here will make any of this better or easier. Just know that I am praying for you and your family...praying that someday, your memories of your precious boy will bring more smiles than tears...more joy than sorrow...And that someday you find the peace that you search for...I think that is a pretty tall task...be gentle with yourself. With love...

nic @mybottlesup

i am so fucking sorry. i echo dianne above... there's nothing i can say or do, but i am so damn sorry and thinking of you a lot.


i just want you to know i'm thinking about you all today. sending tons of hugs.


This is the first time to your blog. There are no words. I am a mom and love for a child is fierce; that I know. But a loss such as this, I can't pretend to understand. I will pray for peace...I would say, too, understanding, but with something as this, how can there be understanding. Peace, peace, and hope, Lisa


Thinking of you and hoping that you and Rich survive this horrible week.


P.S. That is an adorable photo of Thalon...

Mary Jo

My thoughts and prayers are with you. I'm so sorry.

Sarah's Dandelions

I just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking of you... I have no words, but I am thinking of you.


So incredibly sorry.



I thought of your family on Easter -- just like last year. My heart aches for all of you.


Loss of a loved one (esp, a child!) doesn't fall into the same category as breaking a habit or accepting change! I love you guys and have been thinking of you nonstop. I will continue praying that your hearts feels a little less heavy with each passing day. xoxoxoxo


What a truly beautiful baby he is. And it will always feel like yesterday, Shanah. God willing, it won't always hurt this much, but forget? I don't think so. Not even I, a stranger, will forget. I will keep thinking of Thalon. Many hugs.


I'm just so sorry, Shana. Holding you in my thoughts.


i am so sorry. he is so beautiful.
i am just so incredibly sorry.


Judging from that photo, he knew he was loved. I'm so sorry, Shana. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts.


You're in our thoughts. I can't believe it's been a year either.


Been thinking of you guys and Thalon this weekend. Your strength never fails to amaze me.


I hate this day. I hate that this day took away your happiness. I hate that this day took away your Thalon. I will attempt to kick April 10th's ass every single year.

My heart aches for you, Rich, and the girls.

I know that Thalon is in heaven loving you and missing you, and he'll never forget you as you will never forget him.



*sobs* I am so very sorry. What a beautiful boy.


Thinking of you today.


I am thinking of you.

Danielle (elleinadspir.com)

I think you gave Moira a great answer. Good job mom. I have no advice...but I do have tons of love and hugs for you. Hang in there.


I have, every day, thought of you and your family when I've opened up Google Reader. I always hope there will be a post from you because I so desperately want you to find peace and comfort. Thalon lives on in all of us. He will never be forgotten.


Your explanation to Moira just knocked me to the floor. I thought it was perfect and beautiful.

Thalon has touched so many people, and he is remembered with love by so many of us that never had to privilege to meet him.

I promise you, you will heal. I pray that it might even start as April 12th passes. You survived this year, and now it is a new one. I want so badly for you to feel whole again (or even 90% whole ;)

I will continue to think and pray for you all this weekend. Meanwhile... breathe, drink, and pop some Xanax!

Michelle Pixie

I just want you to know that my heart also aches for all of you. Thalon is so very loved and always remembered. xoxo

Anna Marie

Love, love, love to you and your family, Shana. My heart breaks for you.


He's beautiful there, in all his almost-slobbery glory.

S, thinking of you and your family on this terrible day.

Fairly Odd Mother

I still remember reading your story on those sad days a year ago, and have thought of you all often. I am so sorry.


Shana -

Good evening. I love you and I am with you and your family today.

Lucy's mom

I know this is the day from hell for all of you and there is little to ease its impact. I can only say how sorry I am he isn't there with you, how I wish there was something I could do and that I hope all the love and support around you helps, even just a little bit.
The picture of Thalon you posted is beautiful and the resemblance to his momma is striking. Take good care Shana.


No words I could say seem right. Just know that I think of your family so often and pray so much for all of you. Peace and love.


I am so sorry that you and your family have had to experience this pain. I am thinking of you all.

Lisa @letstalkbabies

Thinking of you and sending you love and healing hugs. I don't have words, just know you are in my heart and Thalon will never be forgotten.


Both of my grandparents lost children, one as baby, one at 21, and one at 51. They all said losing a child at any age is the worst pain any person could ever feel. I know that part of your heart is with Thalon now.


Thinking of and praying for you all.


I'm always thinking of you and your family, Shana. Your answer to Moira was beautiful. Peace to all of you.

Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba)

I've been thinking of you today...

Aunt Becky

I love you. I love Thalon. I'm so fucking sorry.

Maggie, dammit

Marking time with you today, and sending you love.


I have nothing to say but that I love you guys. Sending hugs and prayers your way.


I am so terribly sorry for your loss, and that this is the path that you must navigate. An infinite path of parents who know what you know, and have gone through what you are. You are not alone.

You do not have to hold on to hope right now, when you can barely hold on. Count on those you love to do so for you. They will. They are.


I am thinking of you, and of Thalon today. He won't be forgotten.


Thinking of you and your beautiful boy.


Thinking of you all today, and most everyday. Thalon is beautiful... and never forgotten! My heart hurts for you......lots of love coming your way from Montana....



Kristine Brite McCormick

So much love to you and baby Thalon. I had that ER experience, too and lost a baby. The doctors and nurses also cried and cried. It's the absolute worst thing that can happen to a person. Thinking of you on this awful anniversary. I'm on Facebook if you're looking to connect with other moms that lost children, http://www.facebook.com/kristinebritemccormick

Shana in Texas

Remembering Thalon today and thinking of your family. I'm so sorry that this ever happens to anyone.

Today has been hard; we buried my best friend. Her mom looked stoic but from reading what you write, I understand a little of what she must be feeling. I hope you accept this internet hug because I need to give it.


Thinking of you. xo

samantha jo campen

I'm just so so sorry. You're family is in our hearts.


My heart aches for you and your family. I have been praying for you all year, but especially this week. I will continue to do so.

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