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21 May 2012


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grace in chattanooga

She is BEAUTIFUL. And I'm so glad she still likes little girl things. And I'm thrilled that you protect that, you fierce mama you!! Sending love to you. xo (Also, you have just explained to me why I don't have many friends -- I don't do passive-aggressive. At all. I just say what I think and believe or I'm quiet...)

Tricia (irishsamom)

Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl. She's blessed having a mama like you. And as for the passive agressive stuff? Have at it. It feels a lot better than the bullshit that comes of friends acting like that. In my case, I found out who my real friends really were. Hugs to you. x

Danielle (elleinadspir)

Those are so fun!!!! I'll have to look for them. And that party looks perfect. That girl of yours is so great.

Amanda K

My son has a "freckle" in his eye and it is my my favorite freckle, ever. :) I've made sure he knows that I love it and that he should, too. I hope he does.

And Happy Birthday to your beautiful 9 year old!


I'm up for a man talk any time, bro.


Alisa White

Happy Birthday to your Celia! What a fun party!! This is the first time I've commented, but check your blog daily! I love your posts and how truthful and heartfelt they are! :)


Happy birthday Celia! What a gorgeous little lady! Love her mole. :)


I don't care how old you are, a painting party is fun! Even if you're pretending to be too sophisticated for it. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous girl.

I'm of the say what you mean and mean what you say - I occasionally say things I don't exactly mean, but mostly when I'm joking. I try to be direct...


My girlfriends and I employ the guy talk theory with gusto. So much easier to tell each other that she's a flippin' loon for doing what she's doing, or agree with her earnestly when she says her kid is an all out brat, than bite our tongues at the time, only to chatter and cackle like hens later. We have yelled and cried and hugged and cussed a blue streak at one another, but I know that these women will be there for me...if they hate my decisions or not, they'll tell me that honestly, but its always done with love and true friendship. Just tell us where those two faced ass hats live, and we'll pay them a kindly lil visit, on behalf of the Gorillabuns household. Nobody should screw with you, Shana. Seriously. (said with a big sippy cup of Jack and diet coke in one hand, my truck keys in the other. lol)


Oh how I wish you lived in Kansas instead of Oklahoma. We would be great friends. I have a friend whom I have been friends with since 2nd grade. I am the godmother of her children and we would do anything for each other. We can bitch about our families and our craptastic in-laws because we know exactly what the other person is going through. We can be totally honest with each other and laugh till our faces are cramping from smiling so much. If only you were in KS, you could bring your kids and we could all sit by her pool all summer and talk and laugh and drink till our hearts were full of friendship and sunshine.
I'm so glad Celia had a great party. That is an awesome idea to have a painting party and she rocks for choosing the Frog Princess theme. I love it when children like to be children instead of little adults.

Sue formerly Suzel's Sass

Guys totally have it easier than women. Although we could actually meet like halfway in the USA and have a drink and punch each other silly :) Although let's meet somewhere that someone will wait on us and bring us drinks and lounge around.


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